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Guild / Agora Space DAO
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##Application type: Grant

##Proposal overview:
Agora DAO is a studio DAO building essential tools for internet native communities. Our vision is to supercharge Web3 adoption by creating gasless, multichain and platform-agnostic solutions, without sacrificing decentralisation or privacy.
Guild provides token gated access with custom logic on Discord channels. It is a permissionless, open-source tool to create groups using tokens, NFTs, NFT fractions, specific NFT attributes without having to interact with a bot. There’s a great demand in the blockchain ecosystem for a token gated access tool that is open source and doesn’t risk users’ privacy. Guild comes with an access control API and besides being platform-agnostic (Discord, Telegram etc) it also has multi-chain attributes (Arbitrum, Harmony, XDai, Avalanche, Matic etc.) innovating cross-chain token gating for communities.

We integrate all of these chains in an effort to truly unlock opportunities and the potential of Web3 and collaboration in the space. We are delighted to support Harmony as well and to expand the range of tools available for the communities there.

Our aim with this grant is to establish a stronger relationship with the Harmony ecosystem and to provide a range of tooling for the communities that are native to Harmony

##Proposal ask:

##Metrics for success:
More than 120 Discord servers use Guild
Discord also verified our bot

##External links:
twitter: @guildxyz @AgoraSpaceDAO


Hello :wave: @videkivivi

Sincerest apologies for this delayed response. If you’re still interested in receiving a Launch Grant from Harmony would it be possible to hop on a call with @Sam sometime next week?

Looking forward to your response. :slight_smile:

Hey Mikey,

We did have a great call with Sam couple weeks ago. Could you please inform me about the next steps?



Hi Mikey,

Could you please update us on this topic?



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Hey @videkivivi!

Apologies for the delay. As I was not on the call those weeks ago with you and Sam I am not aware of the next steps.

Allow me a day or two to get informed and I will get back to y’all asap.


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Hey Mikey,

Sure, discuss the nexts steps with him. We are not in rush. :slight_smile:

Thank you,


Hi @frwrdslosh

Any updates? Do you need anything from our side? :blush:


Hello @videkivivi

Thanks for your patience while we sort this out.

So, this particular request falls under the lines of a DAO Tooling Grant. These grant guidelines are just being established so please bear with us as we formalize the process.

In general, the DAO Tooling Grant will be $50K in non-equity funding paid out based on the following deliverables:

  • $10K: DAO Tool live on Harmony Testnet
  • $10K: DAO Tool live on Harmony Mainnet
  • $15K: DAO Tool adopted and used by 10 Harmony DAOs
  • $15K: A Training Webinar held, recorded and posted to Harmony Protocol YouTube page.

An additional $10K bonus will be available if the product team decides to put the tool in the hands of a DAO for further development and establishes a 5/9 multisig wallet to govern these funds.

Is this grant framework acceptable to you and your team?

Sam Harrison


Hi @Sam

Thank you for the information! Sounds good to us :blush: We have to work on the 3rd point but the rest is fine. I’ll keep you updated.



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Great to see you support Harmony native :blue_heart: I was wondering if will may also have in future a NFT minting plattform?
Also I think alpha gaming DAO is may interested to adopt hope they reached out to you :wink:

Hey, nice to connect!

Thanks for supporting and recommending If you have any questions or you want to hop on a call to discuss more about adopting guild, let me know:)



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Thanks @videkivivi and connecting to Han :blue_heart:

The Community DAO has just, after a voting, activated the Guard →