Blu3 DAO Funding Proposal - ETHDenver 2022

It makes you wonder why you need money from Harmony if you’re so good, isn’t it? Let @sunny4earth know we’re still waiting for an update on her failed vegan project!

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Is there a reason you’re filled with so much anger and cynicism? Rome wasn’t built in a day - and it does take many failures before you succeed. One of my favorite quotes “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” :smile:

While I hope your criticism is coming from a place of genuine care and we always welcome constructive feedback for improvements, please exercise some level of respect, support and empathy. I do not condone online bullying here at Blu3 DAO.

With regards to money, while we don’t need the money for our mission - it is only fair to be paid for the work we’ve been pouring into Harmony’s ecosystem. And honestly, our Blu3 core team has worked 60+ hours every week since January for no pay to the team or our treasury so I hope you can learn to appreciate and give thanks instead.

The scholarships granted were given to the scholars consistent with Harmony’s mission and direction. As for Blu3 DAO’s grant, it certainly does support our mission for bringing more womxn into the web3 space. Harmony has been a true ally for sponsoring and empowering women leaders in this incredible space and we are forever grateful for it. :blue_heart:


Can you please help me understand how someone like your sister Novell (former financial advisor) yourself (giving women financial advice) are in need of so much outside financial advice from others on how to be self sustainable?

I just searched the state databases of NY and CA. Neither of your names are registered LLC owners in those states. So can you tell me about this MoneyBoss LLC?

Its founders are your sister Novell, Her husband Al and yourself.

How is it that Novell is a former financer, director, etc but has no license in the state of NY to give financial advice?

Neither do you!

It is all too convenient that AI is now an employee of Harmony ONE.

All 3 of you running Blu3 DAO that appear to have no REAL financial background. AI former EE of northwestern mutual. Thats it!

I did find pole dancer on your profile!

You really believe people like myself and other professional accountants and financial advisors believe that YOU were making 50% and upwards per month in profit as you state on

HOWEVER, you have no idea how to create a single dime of revenue for Blu3 DAO?

@lij @frwrdslosh @Sam @dpagan-harmony

You all got deceived by professional fraudsters!

LI- are you seriously funding this? Did you vent these people or lookup their credentials? I can assist with databases CPAs can use.

Its time to call out where the fraud has been coming from!!

@Point7C @Sbae we need to demand answers as investors!


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For the record, neither my sister and I are financial advisors, nor do we provide financial advice. I am an actuary while my sister was in private equity.

As someone who is running for Community DAO council, I would appreciate more empathy and constructive feedback from you. We are not perfect and welcome actual tangible constructive feedback to improve the overall ecosystem.

I do admire your passion for Harmony. We are in the same boat and want what’s best for Harmony. Let’s work together and get through this storm! :facepunch:


Is it normal/ethical to promote your personal business (not registered anywhere apparently) with someone’s else money?

Link here

With all due respect, MoneyBoss has nothing to do with Blu3 DAO.

With all due respect, that’s BS

Incorporating in NY or CA has unfavorable tax conditions, also something I thought you might be an expert on.

Where are you incorporated?

Is it a coincidence that your sister’s husband is the only one who bought an NFT from Sunny’s failed project?

/Edited because someone is trying to hide it


So you just admitted that or any affiliated parent company is not registered or licensed in the state in which you are giving these services?

That fact is this is a fake company! You lied to @lij or he was aware at the beginning that was fake. You have ZERO reviews on google. Cant find one single review out of all the HUNDREDS your twitter and website claim to have helped.

Nice try at dodging the question about your brother in law as well. Who is a governor on Nomad DAO that YOU approved of within the hour.

I dont see any comment from YOU stating that he was your brother in law. Where is Blu3 DAO ‘radical transparency’ that you preach?

I am not here to tear you down. I am here to expose fraud. Thats what forensic auditing looks like.


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Why are you censoring our comments @littlemoneyboss?

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Why are my posts being flagged? No curse words. Straight facts.

I want an answer. The community isnt going to let you all keep running from this!


Just made a small edit to your post.

You’re making wrong assumption. Harmony did not get deceived.

Blue3 DAO is an organisation consisting of two sisters and a husband to one of them + bunch of others that either keep on riding with them (sunny) or some who somehow believed their shiny buzzwords :butterfly:.

The husband happens to “work” for Harmony as an employee (hired beginning of April with fixed term till end of July) in unclear capacity beyond acquiring Sunny’s giraffe NFT and asking people to keep being engaged in forums.

Blue3 DAO is the single DAO that keeps on receiving funding even while supposedly all DAO fundings are stopped. Combine it with unclear nature of the DAO itself, are you telling me this is a coincidence? Poor Harmony is getting deceived. Or maybe it’s meant to be like this huh :thinking:.

Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, but no, it’s a DAO! lol

I don’t bother anymore because I see through what’s happening. With this DAO and dozen of others. You won’t get proper response, same way Boris Polania never actually answered. I am just waiting until it all implodes eventually. Most likely December this year.

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Hi, I am slightly confused and I was hoping you may be able to clarify something for me. You quite clearly state MoneyBoss has nothing to do with Blu3 DAO but in your book Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. In the chapter nine named PAY YOURSELF FIRST you quote the following:

At the MoneyBoss Network, we strive to make personal finance simple yet powerful – no need for complicated financial projections, no need to follow scary news updates, and no need to get lost in a sea of financial products. At MoneyBoss, we curate information like Pareto, so you can learn the 20% that drives 80% of your impact in 15 minutes

Could you possibly clarify this please?

One more question @littlemoneyboss : did you get 50k from Harmony to write that amazing book?

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Harmony and these DAO’s have some tough questions to answer…They better do it soon…


Absolutely she did… I think Blu Dao is a major scam personally. Just jet setting people off to events and trying to bring women into Web3 (which I think is amazing btw) BUT none of them are building on Harmony…Counter productive if you ask me…


Stephen asked, she did.
If Stephen asked you to write a book for 50k you probably accepted.
Stephen have a major responsibility for the grants and for a lot of things. Don’t blame Amy. Stephen did a lot of mistakes and the community know only few of them. Blame Stephen, blame the boss.

Time to stop this joke of a DAO , no more throwing thousands of dollars into this for nothing . Invest in projects that will create revenue to Harmony . Blu3 DAO is a major disaster for the image of Harmony and how they use their funds.

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Agree but don’t forget who is the boss.

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Well , the boss will end up jobless if he continues down this path

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With all due respect, MoneyBoss has nothing to do with Blu3 DAO.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 15.07.25

Soooo excited to see your reply @littlemoneyboss !


I do have some feedback that I hoping the team could look forward to-

The team could really use some actuarial analysts incorporated within the core team that help them scope the ecosystem well, do cost-benefit analysis, assess their risk adjusted growth strategy than allowing individuals to spread themselves “thin” into cross-domain fields, especially in the DAO business. Defi, insurance & core business strategy for starters.

Specialists beat generalists, every time & cross-domain expertise only comes with time or a deeper analysis how each organizational unit operates.

  1. I say 75k for on-boarding developers is a good objective in itself - PROVIDED that they hit requisite metrics of achieving targets on bug bounties. ZERO problem with that.

  2. However, social governance, books & NFT’s are low-hanging fruits (bad metrics & targets) because event management budget eats a lot of that, and they are retail traps/money pits. You’ll burn more money you could earn than accrue social/economic/educational value. Seen it time before & even in this ecosystem too.

  3. I sincerely hope that the key leadership’s faith in the onboarded BlueDAO devs end up doing something useful with the grant money. i.e. say, code migration of existing projects, or process & feature improvements in the Harmony ecosystem and beyond. Sharing useful data i.e. code commits, unique code contribution & bounties paid could be a justifiable gauge for progress.

Only then, and only then…would I say that the follow-up tranches of funding would justify the cost. It’s 125k for the next objective in Q3, isn’t it?

  1. Before anyone with pitchforks from both sides chime in - I’ll end this discussion by saying this : Women do end up making the workplace a better place with sensible backstops. They are powerful negotiators, and good thought leaders too as they bring perspective.

But it’s diversity of thought that brings true uniqueness of an individual to the table in terms of inclusion, where gender, caste, religion, sex ethnicity has no bearing - Just
matters if they have an understanding or perspective of people’s needs across that spectrum.

A lot of thought leaders, (even in the DEI spheres) skip this exercise, and that’s why you’ll find good & BAD leaders in different genders too.