Blu3 DAO Funding Proposal - ETHDenver 2022

The governors have collectively voted and selected Jun 30, 2022 as our next election date for 2nd rotation. @lij pls let us know what you’ll need to release the first tranche of Blu3 DAO funding. :nerd_face:


Blu3 DAO didn’t only change a lot of lifes at ETH Rio, it changes the whole event bringing diversity and a lot of gifted people who came up with amazing solutions for the hackathon.

Thanks Blu3DAO.


10 years of friendship in ten days!!! SO TRUE!

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Just wow! Thank you for sharing your struggles and how we were able to make a positive impact on you and most importantly - thank you for the amazing friendship and paying for our team dinner when we couldnt buy food for Hackathon!!!


Meeting Amy and Novell (and Al) at ETHDenver was truly life-changing. Their mission, hard work, and dedication to Blu3 DAO immediately inspired me to build with them. Can’t wait to make a splash with you and see all of the wonderful ripple effects.


2nd (2 out of 2) portion of rio scholars funded: 0xa9720bc3c370128f25ac501bff864c1bc97e63867397e2d26f9cd4dd5107bc1d

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Kate and Lana - one of our most trusted, committed and valuable contributors and members! Thank you for your support and unwavering dedication to Blu3 DAO - expanding our community. Scholars love you both at ETH RIO !!


Hi @frwrdslosh – FYI we met the mighty 6 requirements before we got to ETHRio so please let us know what is still missing to release our first funding of $75k tranche. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


We would love to work with you and have Blu3 on your magazine!

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Absolutely! I will add you to our weekly calls or we can sync in Amsterdam. We are looking to document DAOs that are actively transacting in DEFI!

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We are in talks of releasing a butterfly girl NFT! let’s connect! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :fairy:


funded $45K in ONEs: 0x510ee3f567a23de312484866182e5e118df28b64f723a67f90d149a5b59d8935


On behalf of all of Blu3 DAO - thank you @lij and Harmony!


So grateful to have been chosen to go to ETHAmsterdam with BLU3 DAO! What an amazing group of people and so excited to hack with them!


Follow up on our progress for Blu3 DAO. I wanted to send a summary of our ETH Amsterdam/ Dev connect trip. Congrats to all of the amazing hacker teams and projects that came out of our trip. It was a major success and everyone worked hard to Learn. Earn. Play! :butterfly: Thank you Harmony @lij for your support and sponsorship!

Key Stats:

  • 700 hackers, Blu3 brought 10 women hackers
  • 3 teams out of a total of 165 teams
  • Won the hackathon (top 13 are all winners) and the ONLY all women team to win
  • Won a total of 11 prizes and bounties! (>$30K in total)
  • Small but mighty!!! :blue_heart::butterfly:

ETHAmsterdam Finalist and Winners (Top 13 out of 165 teams)
IPFS/FileCoin - 1st Place
Dune Analytics - 1st prize
Wallet Connect - 3rd Place

The DAOVerse 1
@Coinbase - 1st Place
@0xPolygon - 2nd Place
@tatum_io 1 - Huge Potential
@web3auth - UI/UX Design
IPFS/FileCoin - Pool Prize

ZK MAIA (Collab with between Blu3 DAO x HER DAO)
xApp Vision Prize from @ConnextNetwork
3rd place from @AaveAave
Pool Prize from @SkaleNetwork
Pool Prize from @optimismPBC


So proud of our team!

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funded $30k to complete the initial $75k tranche: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan


This DAO received 1M and they continue to receive scholarships? Are you serious?

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Thank you for the funding Li, confirming that it has been received.

We wanted to provide a recap of the highlights of what we have accomplished during our first three months

As Li mentioned, we have received the first tranche of our funding (75k) and have made the decision to not pay our signatories, team-leads, contributors, etc until we have created multiple revenue streams for the DAO. For the first 40k of funding our intention has been to stake our ONEs, when the multi-sig permits we will do so, and the remaining 30k are in stable coins (Harmony MultiSig: 0xC5768ee2630d7FCDAC7c2d4B19a3a3621f6F8E6E, Gnosis: 0x71b9B24BA832b5656d1f0eC774521748109682A6)

We have partnered with Harmony to run the scholarship programs, which are funded separately on a per conference basis.

Details on our scholarship programs can be found in our recaps here:

It is worth noting that we have sent 10 hack teams between 3 conferences and all 9 hack teams WON MULTIPLE prizes and bounties.

Our bigger focus though has been on building out the DAO infrastructure while we quickly scale and decentralize. In our first three months we have:

⁃ Launched a basic NFT collection on Harmony through NFTKey

⁃ Launched our basic Blu3 social tokens on Harmony

⁃ Hosted a Social Token 101 Workshop (Blu3 DAO Social Token 101 & Minting Workshop - YouTube) and a De-Fi liquidity pooling workshop in conjunction with Black Leaders DAO

⁃ Transitioned scholars into Web3 jobs (ie. Ann marketing for Defi Kingdom, Steph as Dev Rel, JayCee as Community Manager, etc.)

⁃ Recruited a team of 35+ core contributors for our 15+ working streams including on-boarding, scholarship, hacks, DAO, social token, partnerships, PMO, legal/governance, tokenomics, treasury, marketing, & regional LATAM, Europe and Asia (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.)

⁃ Created an on-boarding form and detailed contributors guide which serves as live document pointing to which roles are available, and differentiatiating between our tiers (community member, contributor, advisor and ambassador) (

⁃ Created a Blu3 DAO website:

⁃ Hosted bi-weekly DAO alliance call open to the public (Creating sustainable systems for growth. - YouTube)

⁃ & have been active participants in the Harmony 1DAO alliance, formerly DAO Ops call

Currently working on:

-Hosting a Blu3 Day Womxn in Web3 Career & Networking Day in New York (

-Sending scholars to ETHNewYork Hackathon mentored by our Blu3 Hacks team

-Finalizing which Harmony compatible DAO workflow tool(s) to use (wonderverse, charmverse, dework etc) to automate workstreams & contributor bounties

-All team leads responsible for the design and execution of their business model- creating multiple streams of revenue

-More details on each teams specific deliverables in our contributors guide

-Developing v2 of our tokenomics, splitting between economic interest and governance

-Implementing best strategy to assign different roles for our community tiers (weighted social tokens, NFTS, badges, POAPs etc) and gating our discord

-Creating MVP DAO constitution (including guidelines on governance, our path to decentralization, tokenomics, treasury, expense, code of conduct, mission etc.)

-Researching on different legal structures for the DAO

-Tracking Harmony-specific user acquisition metrics via our scholarship & onboarding program

We will keep the community up to date as we continue to build within the Harmony ecosystem. We welcome any sincere questions, comments or constructive feedback.


Correction. We were committed $1M, and have received a total of $75K to date.

The scholarships are part of what Blu3 DAO does to bring more women and non-binary to the web 3 space, by providing them with this opportunity, education, training and hackathon experience. In return, the scholars also contribute to the ecosystem by hacking and developing marketing/ promotional materials and ambassadorship to Harmony.
We do the Blu3 scholarships well because we have a team to plan, manage, train and execute the program - which includes detailed planning and logistics, kick-off meeting, mandatory events, training programs, strategy sessions, close out meetings and surveys. All of Blu3 are working on a voluntarily basis to give this opportunity to scholars.