Boosty Labs - formatic sdk for web2.0 login

we are working with a grantee to build a formatic sdk for web2.0 login, a fortmatic - sdk + burner wallet to implement web 2.0 login for dapps.

apply 7/22
start 8/10
amount $25k
users crypto: 1M
category portals: wallets, staking, exchanges
:family_woman_woman_girl_boy: emoji :rocket:
name boosty labs
x for y formatic sdk for web2.0 login
1-liner fortmatic - sdk + burner wallet to implement web 2.0 login for dapps
bio boosty labs is a world class fintech and cloud engineering team with 10 years’ background of practice that combines consulting strategy, design, and engineering with specific focus on financial distributed ledger and cloud domains
town kyiv, ukraine
:notes: community :cat2: anton
:innocent: angels @I_SivaKotiReddy
:crossed_swords: captains :crossed_swords: soph
:pick: validators :clock5: Everstake
:woman_technologist: eng harmonauts :salt: daniel
:woman_astronaut: biz harmonauts :necktie: nikos
current traction
prior grants / engagements contract work with companies like storj labs, bloom, elixxr
team size 3
team cost, time commitment 30 hours/week/person
social: telegram, twitter 21 linkedin
7-day metric targets
active users 1k
retention rate 60%+
assets $100k+
transactions 100k+
volume $100k+
6-week deliverable / milestone targets
1: testnet launch contract on testnet, ux mockup
2: demo, ama backend and implementation, working demo for users to start testing, SOC 2 Type 1 compliant, non-custodial
3: docs, blog backend and implementation, document all code open sourced, 100 users to test and get feedback, optimize for mobile iOS/android, OTP code, 2FA, recovery email, developer dashboard, user wallet interface
4: mainnet quality assurance and audit, launch on mainnet, math wallet and one wallet integrations, complete burner wallet
5: users/assets 500 users
6: marketing create 500+ word article, announcement to boosty labs community, launch on product hunt and hacker news
telegram @creditorceo

Harmony Grants are to drive our platform’s mainnet utility :wrench:, decentralized community :family_woman_woman_girl_boy:, and cryptographic innovations :zap: — aligned with our 2020 roadmap on cross-border finance :money_with_wings: and auditable privacy :shield:.

Your grant and project are fully transparent to everyone. Details of all grants such as application materials, funding amounts, community discussions, governor decisions and wallet addresses are publicly available at

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I have this basic question on purpose of new wallet…we have desktop and mobile wallet and mobile wallet includes biometric security… what are additional values new wallet going to provide.

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it looks like we can move on :slightly_smiling_face:

what other Governors think?

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Same. Reading BL answers, IMO they got skills and experience to deliver

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I am ok with the grants

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I am Ok with Grants…Wishing you the best for Best product Kevin

I do agree with the grant’s scope in the $25k phase

It looks like Boosty has the technical ability to execute, as shown by their past & ongoing projects.

However, I would like to see more detail on the technical side (i.e: design doc/diagram, flows, etc…) that is specific to Harmony. This can be done, of course, after the grant is accepted if everyone else agrees.

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