Staking4all - atomic desktop & mobile wallet for ONE and hrc20

we are exploring building a mobile & desktop wallet with staking4all, who have been one of harmony’s mainnet validators. this is a work in progress grant proposal, we’ll post updates here.

apply 6/22
start 7/27
amount $25k
users crypto: 1M
category portals: wallets, staking, exchanges
:family_woman_woman_girl_boy: emoji
name staking4all
x for y exodus desktop & mobile wallet for ONE and hrc20
1-liner react native and flow for both desktop & mobile
bio shez: founder of staking4all, validator for pos blockchains, developed 3 bots in Harmony ecosystem.
town south africa, johannesburg pst +9
:notes: community :japanese_ogre: ogreabroad
:innocent: angels @Boriel_GR, @arcxteam
:crossed_swords: captains :cowboy_hat_face: marshall
:pick: validators :globe_with_meridians: KysenPool Dragon :dragon:
:woman_technologist: eng harmonauts :tornado: seb
:woman_astronaut: biz harmonauts :aquarius: nickv
current traction
demo telegram @wallet4allbot
prior grants / engagements 3 bots on harmony: a wallet, monitoring bot, hashbet game. we came 2nd in harmony one bounty for telegram bot
team size 3
team cost, time commitment 50 hours/week/person
social: telegram, twitter 100 twitter
7-day metric targets
active users 100
retention rate 50%
assets $100k+
transactions 1k
volume $10k
6-week deliverable / milestone targets
1: testnet Design screen UI
2: demo, ama Base code to support Create/Import Account
3: docs, blog Complete screen flow
4: mainnet base code to support balance/tx history/token balance
5: users/assets code and ui for send
6: marketing Code and ui for vote
license MIT / BSD 3-clause or 2-clause license

Harmony Grants are to drive our platform’s mainnet utility :wrench:, decentralized community :family_woman_woman_girl_boy:, and cryptographic innovations :zap: — aligned with our 2020 roadmap on cross-border finance :money_with_wings: and auditable privacy :shield:.

Your grant and project are fully transparent to everyone. Details of all grants such as application materials, funding amounts, community discussions, governor decisions and wallet addresses are publicly available at


@shez could you briefly introduce to us what’s the importance of a desktop wallet for harmony when we have a chrome extension wallet and so many other mobile wallets supported ONE?

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  • A stand-alone desktop wallet will undoubtedly be more secure, in my mind.

  • competition is always good, it drives innovation.

  • many “maximalists” (thinking of ETH and BTC here) are less comfortable with extensions.

  • our native chrome extension is very basic, and lacking in many features.

Just my thoughts.


Very good!! I completly support this grant. Please bear in mind for the graphics interface/fonts, colors to follow harmony specifications, i will send you the file

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There is no desktop wallet in Harmony One so we looking to fill that whole.

But also desktop wallet is usually more secure than mobile, usually more security conscious prefers it

Also allows us in future to support nano ledger easier.


On the colours and font. We were thinking of going for a staking4all look and feel.

Here is our thinking

  1. so the community knows who made it and hopefully get more support on the validator itself so we can build more in future on Harmony One.

  2. Once we have good adoption of the wallet in Harmony ecosystem we have been asking ourselves how can we extend the wallet in a way to get more users, get users from other blockchains involved into Harmony? We validate on several chains and will expand and want to se if we can use the wallet to bring more users to Harmony.

Thanks Ogre

These points captures our exact thoughts on why we want to create a desktop wallet :slight_smile:

Thanks, appreciate the support

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This is going to be a fantastic addition to the ecosystem! :+1:

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  1. I think that it is good to include self branding, as over time… being recognized as a Validator who is creating in the space will be seen as a good thing. I think that the main concern, is that if you use a Harmony logo… we stick to the theme. Is that correct @BRUNO?

  2. if you are able to incorporate something like uniswap or switchain in the background as a bridge, and allow users to easily switch between BTC, ETH, and ONE even… that would be amazing! Other alt coins would just extend our reach, in my mind… looking at it from a consumer side.

For clarification, I would definitely like to see this grant go forward. :+1:

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