Dev Crypto Proposal - Project Y

Dev Crypto - Project Y

Proposal overview

Dev Crypto it’s an Education DAO with the objective of forming new developers that will be able to build the web3 ecosystem.

There are thousands of new developers that already have the basic skill to work but unknown the blockchain concepts, technologies, ecosystem and community. We believe that we can be a game changer for many developers that are entering this new world.

And also, these developers formed by Dev Crypto will solve one of the biggest problems in this market: the lack of qualified developers for web3.

We traced a strategy to make the devs publish dapps on harmony based on content that they will learn on platform, using strategy of content delivery and ads we can achieve weekly a lot of devs, that will have simple contents like connect a wallet provider in a dapp and advanced contents like do a smart contract operation using a zk rollup.

Initially the 10k will help to put the platform running, but with the others future grants will be possible to bring a least 1000 new devs for harmony ecosystem, if 5 of theses new devs create new millionaries unicorns will be so good for the ecossystem.

To make this possible we are creating a web3 e-learning platform using the harmony as base, the base content will be teached on harmony, dapps, smart contracts, services, oracles and others.

We will offer many kinds of courses targeted on web3, frontend, backend, smart contracts, concepts, liquidity providers, staking, nfts patterns, oracles, zk rollups and others.

Using a launch process we will offer free, paid and sponsored web3 courses on the platform, initially we will offer the courses in Portuguese with legends in English and Spanish. (In the future we intend to hire natives teachers to promote the courses in Spanish too)

To support this we will create a community for the platform members, and a DAO system to drive the content production delivery and make the governance of the products.

Product & Engineering: We have a team led by Fabricio Miranda with 2 web3 developers and 1 designer working on the platform and course content.

We have a closed group with 10 experienced web3 developers that will review and collaborate with content production.

Marketing and Community: We have a team with 1 copywriter, 1 traffic manager and 1 designer working to build community and marketing strategies. (We will hire a dedicated community manager soon)

We have some partners in the Brazilian market with a big audience on social networks that will allow us to announce the free courses to the community and make the launching effective.

Value delivery

45 days: Entry Level Web3 Courses : Concepts, Frontend, Backend, Smart Contracts (Free)
90 days: Intermediate Level Web3 Courses: Concepts, Frontend, Backend, Smart Contracts (Paid + Sponsored)
180 days: Advanced Web Courses: Smart Contracts, Oracles, Zk Rollups (Paid + Sponsored)

Proposal ask


$10K for fund the base team and launching the platform (cloud resources, marketing and ads)
$10K after launching web3 e-learning platform on harmony mainnet with the entry level web3 courses (promote the courses, marketing and ads)
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 1000 dapps launched by web3 e-learning platform students with a deployed contract on harmony mainnet or testnet
$10K after 5k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Metrics for success

daily active students
completed courses
total students
students deployed dapps with smart contracts on harmony mainnet / testnet

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Strong YES from me under the Project Y, also want to see further extension of this proposal has this team has great potential to achieve great things!

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@Mattyontap @littlemoneyboss @lij

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STRONG yes from me too. We need more developers! Looking forward to seeing our Blu3 girls take this course. Let’s connect on a potential learn-to-earn $BLU3 credits for your program.

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Looks super interesting. Happy to onboard you as a closed beta partner at and offer to host courses on our platform.

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This concept of learn-to-earn it’s so good, I have a clear vision how implement this based on rewards system!

After the release of the first version we can align a strategy to make this happen @littlemoneyboss

Following to see the news things that are coming


Fabricio Miranda

Web3 developer with 14+ years of experience in software development, systems architecture, and technical leadership.
Worked on a wide range of projects, blockchains, domains, and technologies, from early-stage products to established ones with millions of users.

Lucas Dias

Digital Producer, Specialist in Perpetual Traffic and Product Launches.
5 Years Experience in Traffic Management, Paid Content Distribution, Lead Capture and Direct Conversion, worked in more than 40 product launches Delivering greats sales Results

Daniel Barcelos

Professional Copywriter with 4+ years of experience in Launches, Sales Campaign, Content Marketing, Direct Marketing and Strategic Write for sales.
Worked in more than 30 projects in different niches, resulting in hundreds thousands of people impacted by sales campaigns generating more than 10mm in revenue.