Bounty: Harmony Horizon Bridge Frontend Revamp

Harmony Horizon bridge frontend revamp


The frontend for Harmony’s bridge (Horizon) works well, but there are significant flaws in its UI / UX which confuse new users and over complicate the process. This bounty is for a v2 version of the bridge frontend that is familiar to users of other bridge platforms and easier to maintain.

Previous support for this refractor include: Community DAO Bounty Proposal - Bridge UX Revamp/Update - #4 by kevin


This is the current UI: Harmony ONE-ETH Bridge

My thoughts:

A V2 version should be:

  1. Intuitive to use
  2. Minimize number of user interactions / freeform input, thus reducing potential errors and lost tokens
  3. Handle errors and provide resolution steps for users instead of relying on FAQ page

I would like to draw inspiration from other bridges on other chains (namely the Terra bridge).

Adopting, a single column, top - bottom UI flow, in addition to using two dropdowns for thee source chain (BSC, ETH, or ONE) and the destination chain. Adding a comprehensive token selector + support for custom tokens, and adding a button allowing the user to select the MAX number of a token (a feature lacking in the current version).

This is a first iteration of a high-fidelity mockup based on the points discussed above. Colors and styling will likely be changed later, some components were borrowed for now for convenience.

I would like to take this on - I have 2-3 years of experience working with React + Typescript, as well as familiarity with ethers & web3.js. I’ve skimmed through the repo and this is within my scope. Thus, I propose the following grant / bounty (not sure what to call this) for me to begin work:

Acceptance Criteria

  • Submit high-fidelity mockups of proposed new frontend for review in this thread
  • Develop new V2 frontend components & UI that interfaces with the backend without backend changes
  • PR submit to relevant repo and work with Harmony team to review and merge
  • Add testing suite and relevant tests
  • Test bridge txns with private testnets
  • Documentation for new components, types, and for future eyes
  • Video walkthrough!

Anticipated timeline: 2 weeks (part time). I’ve already started working on a high fidelity mockup and am ready to share it with the team for feedback.


USD $10,000 equivalent of ONE token


Thank you for the proposal - it turns out we are already working on a redesign of the bridge with a designer. You can see a sample below. Thanks for applying!


Hey Giv!

Hope you’re doing good,

I am Obi, a mid-weight front end engineer who works in the Web3 space connecting + wiring complex backends to display onto beautiful UI’s. I can see you have begun work on this and I wanted to know if you required anymore help on the front end? Would love to get involved.


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Is there a demo website to see the look and feel instead of pictures?

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How is the process of deploying the new bridge redesign/refresh going @giv ?

Can we help?

We’re re-investing a lot of Harmony Dev DAO Governor attention into bounties and this would probably require a bit of bounties!

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It’s in progress. The designs are being implemented by the bridge team. We don’t need bounties but Dev DAO can certainly help to QA when ready. Horizon Bridge