Horizon Bridge

Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Darren and I’m a crypto ui/product designer based out of Los Angeles. These last few weeks, I’ve been working with the Harmony team on a rebrand for the amazing Horizon Bridge and I wanted to finally reveal what we’ve been working on!


Here’s a prototype of the desktop userflow:


A few features I think you’ll like:

1 :waning_gibbous_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: Nightmode/Daytime : for my degens and dark mode enthusiasts rejoice
We’ve all been there. We’re up past midnight, staring at our charts and our discords, needing to ape into something as fast as you can. Now your experience can match the mood

2 :house: :house: Easy Address selector
Addresses can be really intimidating for a lot of users and I think nice buttons for a 1-click connection to wallets like metamask and 1wallet will help ease the flow.

3 :iphone: :iphone: Mobile Ready
Also, tada, it’ll also be optimized for mobile devices!

For those who want to peak around the Figma files and get a closer look at high res comps, please feel free! You can also play around with the prototypes with the Play button.

I hope you guys enjoy this new look. We’re now gonna open up this design for community feedback and we want to hear what you think about this! Any thoughts? Feedback?


Great job! look forward to using it soon. When is the launching?


This looks amazing! Thank you for making this for the community!

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Looks incredible. So much better than the current one!

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Amazing! I believe this will drive traffic to the beloved bridge!


It looks substantially better

Hopefully that equates to “less intimidating” for inexperienced/first-time users. Certainly looks like it’s much more simplified and streamlined

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This looks really good, adoption through ease of use ui

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Truly impressed with the work done, looking forward to show this off :sunglasses:

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Fantastic work, much needed upgrade.

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Congratulations! Great improvement of the actual one! Easy to use in mobile and desktop an beautiful. Really good job!

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Hello, harmony fam! Most of us are on the way back from Ethdenver, and I have come to the conclusion that web3, when done right, should feel like a non-stop party. We had a lot of great feedback from the team and community and I wanted to show you design updates on the new bridge comps!


Some big design updates:

1 :lion: :lion: Select Token
Now tokens and their amounts will be sorted automatically for you, from high to low, depending on what is in your wallet. We’re trying to make it so you don’t have to guess which is the “correct” token to bridge, and you can already see what is avail. Thanks to all who gave feedback on this feature!

2 :gem: :gem: Tokens/NFTs
And we haven’t forgotten about NFTs! Now users can easily switch between Token or NFT bridging with the click of the settings button. We also broke up the NFT’s into specific 71/1155 types.

And here’s the figma link for all who enjoy tinkering and want to see to the full userflow.


We’d love your design feedback on this round of updates. Any thoughts? Let’s elevate the bridging experience together. LFG.


I wonder what happened to this? Or are the harmony core team busy with their blue apes?

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It’s very much in progress. The team is implementing this design for both the Horizon Bridge and the upcoming Trustless Ethereum Bridge.


Hi Darren,

I like this work. It looks modern and laconic.

I know that all designers use good expensive big monitors for their work.

I would like to advise you to conduct design tests for the desktop on various cheap monitors.

The theme is dark and therefore not all lines and design elements can be clearly distinguished on some monitors with poor color reproduction.

What do you think about it?

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Any update on when we can expect a release? Thanks

What was the status of this project and could there be any relation to the recent hack? @giv

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Unrelated. This is just the UI/skin refresh.


Hope to help with a solution soon :slight_smile: