Bounty: Website redesign

Name of Project

[Website redesign]

Proposal overview

Hi, I´m Armando Affonso, a Product Design Manager based in Berlin. I lead a design team and help investors to achieve their financial goals at Vanguard. I have more than 13 years of experience in startups, marketplaces, mobile apps, responsive design, UX/UI, and overall design strategy.

The proposal is the full redesign of the Harmony website. It may sound easy at first but there are many different factors to consider when redesigning/designing a website, such as target users/personas, satisfaction (NPS, user feedback), engagement, adoption, retention, and task success (HEART framework for reference).

The proposal consists of 3 parts.

1) Analysis

  • Heuristic analysis
  • Data and behavior analysis
  • Interview with Harmony stakeholders
  • Report with main user problems and goals

2) Design

  • Public website (and internal pages)
  • Ecosystem
  • News
  • Developers
  • Other content areas from the footer links

3) One round of usability testing with 15 users and one iteration over the designs

The scope of work consists in designing:

  • Average of 50 screens Desktop (1440px width)
  • Average of 50 screens Mobile (375px width)
  • Mobile-first approach
  • Design will be done in Figma
  • There will be a creation of a pattern library with ready to use components, so the engineers will have available all the components in Figma (they can inspect and check the code)

The main website problem today (considering that I don´t have the data) is the design consistency. All the pages look quite different and Harmony is lagging behind other protocol´s websites in terms of design quality and UX. Some forms lack contrast in placeholders, some content areas are links to, and there are some UX rules broken.

Proposal ask

20k (as per guidelines)
Bounty link

Metrics for success

  • Designs for Mobile and Desktop will be ready in 3 months.
  • There will be online documentation (Notion) to check all the features and design decisions
  • A Design board for project management will be maintained
  • Weekly meetings (if required) or async feedback will be part of the work
  • Design will be perceived as good and seen as improved after last user testing
  • Pageviews should increase
  • New metrics can be created depending on user goals e.g.: if users miss a wallet link, then a conversion/task success metric should be included.

External links

Portfolio online:

I´m available to provide more details, create a more detailed proposal, and answer any questions you may have. I´m also available to work as a Builder/Creative



Thank you for the proposal @afvoid. We currently have our website redesign underway. Thanks again and please feel free to create another proposal if you find that your skills could help Harmony in other ways. Cheers!

Thanks, @dpagan-harmony !

I’ve replied a recent thread about a DAO landing page hub. One quick question: Can I apply/create a bounty that I think could make sense for the Harmony ecosystem, and then getting approval? There are no design bounties.