Validator - Unelected and Ready!

Unelected - Validator name (#

Staking Profile

(Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B)

Commission %

0% for the 60-days post-election, then 10%.

Infrastructure Setup

We run two PowerEdge R750 in a dedicated datacenter with completely redundant network hardware and a backup server in AWS. Below is also some details on the security and monitoring practices:

Hardware list:

  • PowerEdge R750
  • 64GB of memory
  • 1.2TB SSD in RAID 10 mode
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • 500Mbs duel internet connection

About us

Our team consists of two Infrastructure engineers with over 42-years of combined experience. We fell into the rabbit hole two years ago. Our goal is to dedicate our entire career to supporting blockchain technology with minimum footprint solutions such as the Harmony blockchain.

We were impressed with the velocity of the Harmony team and the focus on delivering a functional blockchain in such a short period of time. It is truly an innovative platform with a fantastic community.

Please give us a chance to show how dedicated we are to the Harmony One network and the community.

We first found out able Harmony through the Binance article about an impressive new platform. What stood out was the scope of work and we were impressed with the execution.

As a validation team, we want to ensure that we offer stability and manage the environment with professionalism. This comes with a blend of experience and passion for the Harmony network. Please give us a chance!

Validator Pledge

Harmony’s Effective Proof-of-Stake Validators are the backbones of the Harmony infrastructure. I/We shall pledge to constantly run an up-to-date validator, promote a decentralized validator community, and use best practices of running a validator service with trained infrastructure professionals monitoring the hard. Let us help to support and decentralize!

I/We have read the Terms and Conditions in detail and fully understood its purpose, possess the know-how to run this service, and know the risk-rewards to run it. I/We fully understand Harmony’s Definitive Guide to Harmony Open Staking.


Thank you for the support Harmony Fam. We are getting closer to getting delegated with a new 60K stake! Any more help will be appreciated!

We are so happy to be part of the Harmony Fam and will be delegating more to our self-stake to show our commitment.

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Our validator node is up-and-running on the testnet with 100% uptime:

We were able to successfully get elected on 2/3/21. Thank you for all of your support and we are looking forward to the next election.

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The small validator is extremely close to getting elected consistently. With that said, we’d like to further incentivize our delegators by offering a massive giveaway of 10,000 ONE to one lucky delegator .

To qualify for the giveaway you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Stake a minimum of 500 $ONE to BoxedCloud .
  2. Stay delegated within 10 consecutive elections.

The drawing will be administrated with the following procedures:

  1. A random delegator will be drawn with the following tool:
  2. This drawing will be streamed live through Discord with voice and video.
  3. The funds will be sent during the live stream from the validator wallet to the one lucky winner.

Thank you for the support and good luck!

Patrick from