iTower.ONE Validator - Elected

Validator Name


Staking Profile

(Harmony – Open Consensus for 10B)

Commission %

0% at the moment

Infrastructure Setup

2 x VPS L (8 vCPU, 30Gb RAM each) with 800GB SSD on Contabo.
VPS 1 - USA (Seattle)
VPS 2 - Germany (Dusseldorf)

About Us

We are team of two people at the moment located in EU. One from Austria and second from Latvia. We are newcomers to the Harmony community and we feel like we are right at home.
Watched The Coin Bureau Guy video about Harmony and started to look closer on it. Realized that is great project with great tech and great community and team around it and decided to jump in.
At the end, decided to create and Maintain a Validator as my contribution to Harmony network sustainability. Met Flo later, he helped with Validator shilling very much, so we decided to cooperate and do this great thing together!
we are not coders, so, promoting and educating are two areas where we are able to contribute to community. Attracting more people to staking with educational posts and after that allow them to discover other Harmony ONE possibilities NFT, Defi, Metaverse etc.

Validator Pledge

We pledge to constantly run an up-to-date validator, promote a decentralized validator community, and use best practices of running a validator service.

We have read the Terms and Concepts in detail and fully understood its purpose, possess the know-how of running this service, and know the risk-rewards to run this service. We fully understand Harmony’s Definitive Guide to Harmony Open Staking


Thanks for sharing the best practice of server administration :sunglasses:. Hope you guys consistently get elected soon.

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Would you mind sharing the steps executed to configure the system? Is there a guideline from Harmony?
Kind regards

Hi, sure. This is the great starting point: