bridge problems

Hello, I have a problem. I sent ONE to ETH across the bridge. ETH did not come. What is the problem?

Hi, it’s hard to explain without more information… can you explain a little more what you did?
Can you share your public address so we can check the blockchain?

Yes, here is my address: 0x41b52F9585f09a4E208EF1C45EfDC07017B92C5d

I converted via bridge ONE to ETH.

I don’t know what you did exactly, but it seems you still have you’re transferred your ONE to this address:

Can you explain exactly what you did? With a screenshot of the page (in english if possible).

Okay, thanks.
Can you copy and paste the transaction numbers, so we can have a look at what happened?

It looks like you send your ONE coins to the Ethereum blockchain, and now they’re 1ONE tokens.

Please, try this:

  1. In your Metamask, select Ethereum Network.
  2. Import Token, custom token.
  3. Add this address: 0xD5cd84D6f044AbE314Ee7E414d37cae8773ef9D3

It’s 1ONE token in Ethereum, I think this is where your 46k ONE are.

Thanks. He became visible.

You’re welcome. I’m glad I could help.