Candidacy for the second term for LiquidityDAO

My name is Sukanta Ganguly Ph.D… I have been walking along the entrepreneurial path for a while. I have done a lot of work in the Fintech space (ranging from Multi-merchant payment gateways, International Payment layers (pre-Blockchain), Invoice Factoring/Short term loans for SMB domain, Network Security & Switching, etc).
I am excited about the growth of Fintech with adoption of Crypto based on Blockchain fundamentals that enable the world a massive inclusive option for global participation. I want to work in pioneering the efforts of Liquidity that is a key driver in growth of any Financial Technology business, build and establish fundamental drivers based on first principles driving creativity.
I am currently a Founding Governor for LiquidityDAO and would love to throw my hat in for candidacy for the second term. We started well with some of the goals set and put into action, a lot more has to be accomplished in getting this DAO into an on-going, self sustaining entity and would like the opportunity to work towards it, establish Liquidity token and setup the DAO formally in the next two terms.

I am an entrepreneur and always charter new ways to build successfully on-going concerns and LiquidityDAO will become a poster child of a good planned and executed entity.

Twitter: @sukantag
TG: @AutarkyFinance

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The proposal will be posted at Snapshot . Please follow along as details of the proposal will made available here soon.