Candidate - Liquidity DAO Governor: Andrew Siah 2nd Term

Hey, I’m Andrew Siah. I’m hoping to throw in my hat for the 2nd term as a governor for Liquidity DAO.
In the past 3 months, I have helped:

  1. Contributed to understanding and quantifying liquidity as a score for the team.
  2. Market made through internal campaigns that have done 1.8 million ONE in volume in 2 months.
  3. Manage the liquidity mining campaign ongoing with Coinalpha and the hummingbot community.

Going forth, I hope to focus on establishing a liquidity benchmark and score that would help the DAO quantify liquidity better. Furthermore, I would love to help the DAO explore further in establishing it’s identity in a multi-protocol and multi-chained world.

I am currently a Physics student at Columbia in NY. I have been an active user and tweaker of Hummingbot through the last year, and have been contributing regularly to it via

  • Writing on my experiences on
  • Eagle Club Member in Hummingbot through consistent high performance mining.
  • Help build the community on Discord
  • Providing my personal feedback to Hummingbot
    I am presently active in building the crypto community around me in New York through the LionDAO as well, and believe they can be mutually beneficial. I’ll love to be a part of LionDAO, and help empower everyone towards a democratized financial system that is not only beneficial for the rich.
    Attached below is my site , and my LinkedIn . Feel free to buzz me, and a coffee on me if you’re in NY!
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