Candidate for LiqudityDAO Governor: Sukanta Ganguly

Hello ya’ll,
My name is Sukanta Ganguly. I have been walking along the entrepreneurial path for a while. I have done a lot of work in the Fintech space (ranging from Multi-merchant payment gateways, International Payment layers (pre-Blockchain), Invoice Factoring/Short term loans for SMB domain, Network Security & Switching, etc).
Needless to say, I have an immense passion in the Fintech (with trading, geo-adopted-unified-currencies and Asset trading).
I am blessed to have had the opportunity to form three startups along with my occasional endeavors in larger ($10B_ global businesses, like Novell (one of the best Networking companies that ever existed), Iomega/EMC (Networking/Storage switching appliances)). Built a lot of business globally, raised funds, created revenue generating ongoing concerns, sold companies, lucky to have invested in startups in six+ countries. I am still hungry and will continue to learn, grow and deliver. Excited to launch that will be soon hitting some testnets near you and then to mainnets.
I would like to submit myself for the Governors role in the Liquidity DAO. It is a great effort and will have opportunities to formalize portions of liquidity that can be understood, interpreted and actionable for Blockchain based Crypto infrastructure entities.
I would like to contribute, learn and evolve the current state of affairs.

Twitter: @sukantag
TG: @AutarkyFinance

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