Candidate - Liquidity DAO Governor: Kai Chen, 2nd Term

Hi Harmony community,

I am pleased to be running for the 2nd term as a governor for the Liquidity DAO. It was a great honor working the other fellow governors and the Hummingbot/Coin Alpha team during the past three months. I’ve had a lot of personal growth working with such a talented team in this web 3 DAO.

Liquidity DAO’s accomplishments in the first quarter:

    • Built connector between Harmony network base connector and Hummingbot.
    • Launch internal tracking tool and market marking campaign on OKX.
    • Better refined “Liquidity Score” through deeper understanding of liquidity metrics.
    • Using internal tokens (8,008 per governor) to make a market on OKX when ONE first launched on the exchange.
    • Partner with Hummingbot to launch ONE/USDT pair for 12 weeks + 8 weeks extension on Kucoin.

Goal for the DAO:

As the Liquidity DAO searched for its own identify in the past three months, it became clear that the DAO similar to a start-up also needs to find its product/market fit. This will not be an easy task because a typical start-up may take a couple years and millions of dollars in funding before finding its product/market fit. We believe Liquidity DAO can have a business model of providing market making services to other projects (Layer 1s, roll-ups, or DApps) starting with Harmony’s ecosystem.


My background is in investment management and entrepreneurship. I founded my own SEC Registered investment advisory firm OceanIQ Capital in 2013 after spending 14 years as an investment advisor for Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs. My firm manages over $100M in various asset classes including investment in 25 venture backed start-ups. My firm is also LP is several crypto venture funds including SPV holdings in Avalanche and Terra. In terms of Web 3 experience, myself and my firm are active users of Harmony’s Defi applications such as DefiKingdom and Tranquil Finance.

Role in the DAO:

As for my role in the DAO, due to my skillset is finance and management, I have helped hosting the weekly governors’ meetings since inception. I coordinated tasks to ensure our DAOs’ ideas are moving forward to be implemented instead of staying in discussion mode. I also reviewed and reported on our DAO’s budget and expenses including payrolls. Some of the ideas I initiated during the term include Launching ONE/USDT liquidity mining campaign on Hummingbot to better align Harmony and Hummingbot miner communities. I am also working on governance for the DAO including arranging the process of the 2nd election as our DAO moves toward self-governance.

My links:

Twitter: @oceaniq19

Thanks for your consideration.

Best, Kai.

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