Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: Rebecca Lamis

Howdy Harmony One Community!

I am excited and grateful to announce my candidacy for the Harmony Incubator DAO. I have had the of helping build out the team and governance structure these last few months, and hope to continue on with this work.

My background:

As many of you know, I first entered the Harmony ecosystem last year, when I decided to build my non-profit, CommonLands on Harmony. It became clear to me that the energy, support, and community at Harmony were special, and unlike any organization, I had been part of. During my time in the space, it is clear to me that Harmony will continue to grow as a leader in the Ethereum ecosphere.

Beyond Harmony, I started in the Tezos space back in 2017 when tasked with a project to create the air bnb equivalent on chain. Since then I have found myself taking on numerous leadership roles in the DAO space. Specifically, I have focused on DAO governance structures, decentralizing DAO communities, marketing/social media, community management, and financial management.

Some of the work I have done is noted below:

CommonLands- Founder

StakerDAO- Creator of Strategy Committee and Incubator

Quantum- Founding team member and marketing lead

City DAO- Core team member and focus on marketing & finance

Why Harmony Incubator

It is clear to me that Harmony will play an important role in the future of DeFi and the growth of ethereum. I look forward to growing my on chain affordable housing organization with Harmony. But I would be honored to be able to serve in a larger capacity by helping building out the Harmony Incubator program. The first 9 governors of the incubator dao will be instrumental to the growth of the organization and onboarding more applications, teams, and community members. It is also vital that these first 9 governors come from a wide arry of backgrounds and will work to create a collaborative, accessible, and diverse community of programs in our incubator. It is my utmost priority that each Harmony community member has the opportunity to create their organization or idea on Harmony.

I am always happy to answer any questions or concerns, so feel free to dm me on discord or telegram @DeFiComrade or dm me on twitter @RebeccaLamis

I hope to work with you all further and this community soon!

Warm regards,

Rebecca Lamis

Hello @DeFiComrade – So excited to have you here!

I also cut my crypto-teeth in Tezos and I am sure we can share our PTSD regarding that experience (kidding kidding!!!)

Looking forward to working with you in the Incubator DAO!

@DeFiComrade looks like you can bring some real experience with DOAs to the table. I’m excited to hopefully do some work together :slight_smile: