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DAO Formation

Dear Harmonauts & Validators,

We address you today to share some exciting news and developments within the Incubator DAO.

First, we want to congratulate and welcome the new council members:

(1) LeRae Bigelow(2) Sophia Zhao(3) Sasa Milic(4) Rebecca Lamis(5) Jovian Brown(6) Bridgette Greenwood(7) Kristen Ross(8) River Tam(9) Alexandra


The Harmony Incubator DAO strives to support promising projects building on Harmony by providing mentorship, a vast network of valuable connections, and assistance with treasury guidance.

What is the stage of the Incubator DAO?

  1. Mandates Established: READY

Adoption: Mentor and guide incubator participants on formulating value-proposition and executing growth strategies.

Connections: Identify and connect projects with curated talent and potential partners.

Treasury: Guide best practices in fundraising, tokenomics, and capital expenditure. Introduce projects to the curated investor network.


During this term, the Governor’s Council and the Incubator DAO will be focused on the following three deliverables:

(1) Establish a network of curated investors and receive commitments to attend demo events.

(2) Publish a toolkit for launching projects detailing best practices, recommendations, and relevant resources.

(3) Launch Incubator DAO portal that includes a thorough overview of the onboarding process and documentation (to the DAO)

Funding request:

At Harmony’s suggested rate of $75/hour, and with a maximum of 10 hours/week, our burn rate is a weekly total of $6,750. Therefore, to fund the first quarter (13 weeks), we would need a total of $81,000.

  1. The council members will adhere to their obligation to ensure funds are appropriated in a transparent manner through the use of the following GNOSIS Multisig safe: 0x522fCFeE0a3d82AAfb016FBdaa0a8272c04543E1

  2. (You can navigate to multisig.Harmony.ONE and add the above address to view and follow along with all future funding/proposal spend.)

  3. Governance Platform for proposals: Ready

From users: Talk.harmony

From governors: snapshot

  1. Incubator DAO Snapshot for elections: Ready

  1. Tracking Tasks and Hours: Ready
  1. We will provide links to the timesheets for the initial council and populate new tracking sheets for the current and future governors.

Metrics for Success Include:

  • Investor list size and coverage (i.e. verticals and geography).
  • Advisory board size and experience.
  • Completeness of DAO documentation.
  • Processes comply with best practices for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Hello @Jovian

Very excited to see the Incubator DAO getting up and running.

I am going ahead to approve this particular grant for funding at the $81K level.

For the retroactive payments (and anytime you make a payroll payment out of your treasury) please be sure to post your timesheets!


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Good stuff everyone.
Let’s roll!

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The work completed thus far has been paid for: Harmony Blockchain Explorer and Harmony Blockchain Explorer.

How would this work exactly?

Say a community is looking to create a token with a couple of use cases in mind but could use help with things like “tokenomics,” and managing the treasury.

Would there be someone to talk to, to help iron out some of the kinks in the plan?

Excited to see.

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For early stage the forum is the best place to iron out ideas. Hopefully the Incubator DAO will run a few open Pitch Competitions, which is a good way to have teams integrate the best practices they setup. With limited resources though the main focus of the DAO should be on bringing projects with momentum to the next level.

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Hello current Incubator DAO Govs and thank you for your patience.

Referencing @Sam’s post we are delighted to announce Incubator DAO has been approved for $81K in addition to the retroactive payments for work completed.

Happy to see you have your snapshot set-up and ready for elections. If the Incubator DAO Govs can agree on term-limits and schedule the second election it will expedite the funding.

Looking forward to working with you all.

@giv @Sam

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@LERAE @Nierfiti @sasamilic @DeFiComrade @BridgetTBP @Ross @creation @manther

Does this DAO have a Twitter account? A Discord? I’m trying to find more information but can’t seem to locate it; the Incubator DAO channel in the Harmony discord is not very active at all. How can we tell what’s being done or how to get involved (not as a governor)?

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hello, we have business idea. We needed some help ironing it out do you guys have a discord channel?

Please how can i be part of this DAO ?

There is no dao here.