Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: Sasa Milic

Hi Harmony community,

I would like to officially present my candidacy for one of the governor seats in the Incubator DAO.

A bit of my background

I’m a software engineer and data scientist by trade. I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s at the University of Toronto, where I also taught undergrad algorithms courses and received an award for community involvement.

My experience in crypto started in early 2019 with technical consulting for several crypto projects. Then I went on to work at Gauntlet Networks, a company which seeks to model blockchain governance decisions in the DeFi ecosystem. They have a large voting share at both Uniswap and Compound. I then went on to co-found the API3 DAO.

Interest in DAOs

I wrote a well-received article on DAOs here: On DAOs: Decentralized Autonomous Organizations | by Saša Milić | API3 | Medium

You can also hear my thoughts on DAOs in this interview: API3 and the DAO-governed model, with Sasa Milic - YouTube

If you want to learn more about API3 specifically, here’s another interview: API3 - Gettin' real w/ SASA MILIC (interview) - The #1 Project that NEEDS to be an YOUR Radar *NOW*! - YouTube

Interest in Harmony ONE

While I am admittedly new to the Harmony ecosystem, I’ve done quite a bit of research recently. I am impressed by both Harmony’s technical achievements as a Layer-1 protocol, but also the incredible thought and care that continues to go into bootstrapping this Harmony DAO organism.

My goal is have a two-way knowledge transfer: bring my experience from building in the Ethereum ecosystem and participating in Ethereum-based DAOs and learn from the Harmony ecosystem and bring that knowledge back to my project. A rising tide lifts all boats :slight_smile:

In particular, my experience building and auditing blockchain projects will bring necessary technical know-how to the Incubator DAO.

Feel free to ask me any questions, and I hope to work together with this community in the near future :slight_smile:


Twitter: sasamilic33
Medium: sasamilic [.] medium [.] com
Discord: sassy#8888


Great candidate :slight_smile: Hope to have you on board Sasa!

Hello @sasamilic - So excited to have you here. You have already been doing great work helping get the Incubator DAO kick-started with @LERAE so I am so happy to see you on the forum too.

Looking forward to creating this powerhouse of a DAO together!!

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Welcome @sasamilic,
Looking forward to see you in the first Incubator DAO council


@sasamilic you bring great DAO experience to the table. Looking forward to do some work together in one way or another :slight_smile: