Candidate for Incubator DAO Governor: LeRae Bigelow

Hello Harmonauts, I’m LeRae :wave: I would like to officially announce my candidacy to run as lead governor in the Incubator DAO.

A small intro to what I do:
I’m an entrepreneur and ecosystem connector with a primary focus on decentralized Web3 technologies: Defi, DAOs, and NFTs.

Empowering women in tech is crucial. That’s why I’m a passionate believer in decentralization as a force to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all. Having fun exploring how DAO’s can help achieve this!

As a serial entrepreneur involved in many successful startups, here’s a small sampling of what I’ve contributed:

:chains: Hype Partners -
Managed teams of cross-functional digital marketers to execute global strategies for our clients in the crypto ecosystem. Which furthered my skills in building organic growth and brand recognition as well as fostering developer communities.

:chains: Viewly, Inc. – Developed a marketing plan to align with the product roadmap and broader growth strategy, resulting in an initial coin offering of $10MM.

:chains: Zygot ERP – Brought together top talent and vendors, created operational goals, developed a product vision and roadmap, resulting in a $500,000 seed round.

:chains: PrimeDAO – Contributed to the initiation of PrimeDAO and $PRIME IDO.

Member of Meta Gamma Delta - a female empowerment DAO.

I’m known as a connector and motivator in the ecosystem. Building strong relationships and growing teams around a common vision are what I do best, and where I feel my expertise will add value for the Incubator DAO.

My proven abilities in operations as a connector of resources, product roadmap developer, and problem solver in high-pressure environments are why people in the industry come to me for advice and support.

Harmony ONE Interest:
I met the Harmony team a while ago and absolutely fell down the Harmony ecosystem rabbit hole. I thoroughly have enjoyed every interaction that I have had with the team and community alike. My goal with the Incubator DAO is to build an amazing toolset and ecosystem for projects who wish to build and thrive on Harmony.

:e-mail: If you have any questions please connect with me to discuss the Incubator DAO or possible ways I can help further this ecosystem. Looking forward to kicking this off!

– LeRae

Twitter: @_leraeb
TG: leraeb
Discord: LeRae#8786


@LERAE You are so top shelf, it’s amazing. So great to have you as part of the Harmony ecosystem and helping lead this DAO effort.

For the general population - I have been talking with LeRae for some time and - given her prior DAO experience - asked her to help set up the Incubator DAO. So excited to see it coming together. This team is going to do GREAT things!!


Hello @LERAE, saw now your candidacy, is very good to have a person like you among us!
Looking forward to see you in the first Incubator DAO council


LeRae, I have heard some great things and I’m extremely excited to see what you will do if you get elected. Best of Luck! You have my vote.

@LERAE lets get this of the ground :slight_smile:

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