Candidate for Liquidity DAO Governor: Kai Chen


This is Kai Chen, I am the CEO of OceanIQ Capital, a multi-family office and investment management firm registered with the SEC as a Registered Investment Advisor. Currently my firm manages over $100M in traditional investments as well as having three venture capital SPV funds that invested into over 30 venture backed start-ups. I am in the process of starting up a DeFi fund focusing on yield farming and would love to contribute to be a governor of the Liquidity DAO.

I have a traditional investment background having worked at Wall Street firms including Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs for 15 years. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese and have traveled between US and Asia for the last decade providing investment and tax advice to high net worth families and executives of public and private companies.
LinkedIn Profile:

I have been learning about the crypto market in the past 12 months and have jumped into the rabbit hole as the space is fascinating to me. DeFi especially speaks to me because I felt that I can easily understand its value especially when compared with the more abstract NFTs/JPEGs. My investment experience includes 20+ years of managing portfolio of public equities using value investing principals, venture capital investing from seed to pre-IPO stage, as well as LP investments into venture secondary funds, private real estate, private lending funds, and crypto venture funds.

How can I help?
I love to bring a perspective that bridges the non-crypto, traditional investors, into the world of DeFi. In particular I have a lot of experience in setting up SEC compliant private funds that included fund administration, qualified custodian selection, audit, and tax compliance. The world of DeFi is very receptive to the type of investors who is hands-on and can handle managing their own wallet. But for the majority of high net worth investors who are used to outsourcing money management, the institutional framework is still under development.

My thoughts on liquidity:

  1. I would love to work on getting new DeFi protocols onto the Harmony platform.
  2. How to bring capital into to the trading pairs and pools into the protocols.
  3. How to avoid scams and project founders taking off with money.
  4. How to evaluate front running trades.
  5. New business models such as compounding yields, pledging yield generating pools/farms, DeFi 2.0 etc.

Thanks for your consideration.

Kai Chen