Candidate - Liquidity DAO Governor: Mark Clerkin


My name is Mark Clerkin, and I am applying to become a Liquidity DAO Governor. I will give a brief overview of my career and how I plan to contribute to the community.

I started my career as a high-frequency trader at Jump Trading in 2008. Our group primarily focused on FX spot and futures markets and traded in equities and precious metals. We executed tens of thousands of trades per day, and our daily notional trade volume was over $10,000,000,0000. Throughout my time at Jump, I participated in all stages of developing trading systems, including operations, engineering, and quantitative research.

In 2015 I left Jump to run a desk at HC Technologies. HC Tech focused exclusively on FX market making in the spot, futures, and swaps markets. I oversaw our team’s trading operations, strategy development, quantitative research, and liquidity management.

In 2017 I joined High Alpha, a venture capital studio and fund. The fund participated and led investments in B2B SaaS seed and series A startups. The studio, where I spent most of my time, co-founded and incubated startups through a shared services model. As the VP of Data Science, I oversaw a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers. Our team embedded into the portfolio companies to build technical infrastructure and implement advanced algorithms.

Finally, in 2021 I joined CoinList as their Head of Trading. I currently oversee CoinList’s spot cryptocurrency exchange, RFQ engine, OTC desk, and DeFi initiatives. My duties include:

  • Managing a team of analysts and quantitative researchers.
  • Co-leading product management.
  • Overseeing risk management.
  • Managing partnerships and negotiating market-making contracts.
  • Defining and implementing our business strategy.

Given my experience and current vantage at CoinList, I believe I can help advance Liquidity DAO’s initiatives while honoring their core values. I am eager to work on market-making and liquidity initiatives and appreciate the community’s consideration of my application.