Candidate - Liquidity DAO Governor: Michelle Chan

Hi everyone! I’m Michelle Chan and I am currently helping Hummingbot with product, growth, and community. I am passionate about building communities and I am helping Hummingbot with building a trading & liquidity mining fellowship program that is currently in beta trial now and will be opening up to more members in the community starting April & May so that traders can learn anything from one another including deep dives and practical tips for different strategies and developing their own strategies as well. I’ve also recently helped Hummingbot organise a blog post competition in an effort to support user generated content to help other miners to become better market makers. I have had 1-1 calls with several dozens of users from the Hummingbot community.

I believe that there are a lot of synergies that can be done between the Harmony DAO and Hummingbot Foundation and the key is to understand the community members in both groups including their strengths, interests, and personal motivations so that we can build effective working groups.