Chainlink Integration

What happened to this? A year ago harmony and chainlink were discussing porting over native token functionality to harmony. This would be absolutely HUGE

Chainlink’s community is the beating soul of the smart contract space. If Harmony wnats more developer adoption and community excitement, porting over Chainlink smart contracts from Ethereum should be the first step and I would go as far to say the SOLE focus of harmony. Even just doing that alone would ensure the blockchains success. Everything else is just window dressing


Really disconcerting the slowness of decision making, they are still stuck in the problems of decentralization in Open Stacking.

Thanks for bringing this back up @edmund. You’re right that finishing our Chainlink integration would be a great way attract more developer attention.

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Well this would be so big, that we would not need any marketing anymore :wink::+1: This would take us to top 40 on CMC immediately and would give us huge visibility.