Harmony and my thoughts

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Some of you might remember from the early early days in harmony. back when there was weekly AMAs, a lot of action in the telegram and of course, validating, pangea and all that good stuff.
I feel like the community is divided into subparts were the telegram is mostly dead, and the talks here is mostly done by validators.

Regardless, i have a few things i would like to get adressed by whomever has an answer to it.

  1. Why is after all this time, Harmony ONE still not available as a app on and in the Ledger ecosystem?
    With the ledger ecosystem, we can get access to alot of people who are not interested in holding ONE unless they get provided a secure way of storing their tokens.
    Ive talked to ledger, they say that there is no push or development from harmonys side.

  2. why are we not focusing on defi like we did once? there are so many DEX that we could be a part of.
    1Inch,trustwallet swap function, uniswap etc?
    if we get some volume on our chain, its possible we could take a bit higher fees that could for instance be used to make the whole bridge hack whole. i legit tweeted 1INCH about harmony and shortly after they followed harmony. then nothing.

  3. Whats up with these videos of Stephen holding powerpoint presentations? who is he doing this for? and in what way is that contributing to the community,project,whatever, im sure you know what i mean.

If this comes of as a rant, i am sorry. its not meant to be. rather i dont know where to adress this anymore because there is no community mod team that is by the community for the community.

They can still earn dollars now, and then slowly become a ghost public chain and silently close it.

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well, this is what i want to try to avoid. surely we as a community must have something to say about this?

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Good luck getting anyone from the team to answer this.

There is no team on this project right now. The startup called Harmony depends on Binance and is only able to develop when all cryptocurrencies are growing. I am sorry that I spent a lot of time on this project with a very inert team of founders