Challenges in developing in collaborative environment?

How many repos are you hosting and usually how many people are working on them? When there are conflict issues, what are the ways to solve it typically? What do you guys deal with side-requests? What is the strategy to handle going off the project management plan? What other tools do you use besides GitHub, like Asana or any others?


Thanks fro all the good questions, Jacky!

We have many repos like 5-10 repos, but our main repo is just one for all the development. And we use a master branch for development. We have 6 ft and 1 pt developer right now.

Conflicts have been resolved locally before you submit to the master branch for review. For project management, we closely manage the priority and milestone in the company and personal OKR.

We mostly use slack for communication/discussion. JIRA to track bigger issues internally. When we open source, we will use github issues to manage bugs/features. We also write design docs as well as readme files for design discussion.

How is your development process?

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We are also using slack. For project management, we tried Asana and Monday, neither worked very well. Trying trello now. We have a lot of repos actually, because each game needs a separate repo.

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that makes senses for separate repo per game if they are not closely related. you may also have common repos I believe for shared libraries.

For a smaller team, you may use github issues to manage the tasks. It’s lightweight anyway. One important thing to remember is to always keep track and follow up on the issues and put any idea of enhancement or feature into document.

@playtablejacky we are moving from slack to discord to be more open. you can join us here: