[Proposal] Weekly dev help sessions

I see a lot of topics on the official forum and reddit just empty and not answered to. It gives a bad impression.

This looks pretty bad when a new developer comes in as they would not be assured of any help if they are stuck anywhere.

Would it be possible for some DApp/Solidity devs or the official Harmony devs to spare 30 mins a week on a call to help people where they are stuck, possibly new devs sharing their screen for some pretty quick fixes or suggestions.

This will possibly be faster than answering on the forum, idea is that a questioner will be allotted a maximum of 5 minutes to ask very specific questions and then we move on to the next problem/questioner.

I too am stuck at a point and I feel my question too will go unanswered just like everyone else.

I don’t mind arranging this, but would be nice if the team picks it up.

posted on reddit too: https://www.reddit.com/r/Harmony_Devs/comments/ojphrk/proposal_weekly_dev_help_sessions/

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I totally agree with you, but we are working on it! If you want you are welcome to help! , the community developers and some devs already have a weekly call on thursdays 9am pst on Launch Meeting - Zoom
But this is more a general QA session and not a detailed coding workshop. You may have a good opportunity to share your concerns there.

For the time beeing, if you have questions, use the harmony discord server. This is quite active and your questiones get answered quite fast. I always try to redirect plp from reddit to here or the discord.

If you have any difficulties, even unanswered, please share them with everybody here:

The developer community wants to improve the bad experiece of new developers ( which i am myself).

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