Claimed Staking Rewards - All Coins Disappeared But I Did Not Pay Gas

Hello Harmony Community,

I am hoping someone out there has seen this before and can assist. Last night I claimed my Harmony staking rewards for the first time since migrating to Metamask. I just wanted to claim the rewards and re-stake them so I clicked Claim Rewards within the staking website (

I was asked to connect my Metamask which I did, and in the address box I believe this was the default: 0x 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 00fc

I think I pressed next and eventually got asked to key in the gas fee. At this stage I wasn’t sure what to do so I ended up rejecting the transfer. Now, my balance on the staking site says 0 ONE and I’m not seeing anything in Metamask either. All I wanted to do was claim the staking rewards, I am very concerned about why my account is showing as 0. Block Explorer isn’t showing any activity and neither was my Metamask.
I hope my coins weren’t stolen some how and this feels a bit like a bug if I had to guess. I’ve read of similar issues happening to other people. Mine feels different as something happened without me even paying the gas fee. I chatted with Metamask live support who suggested I contact Harmony.

Any ideas? Thank you greatly

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it sounds like you are connected to the staking site with a different wallet address than the one that you staked with originally?

did you resolve this ?