Missing ONE after claiming rewards - nothing in portfolio or metamask

Please help me with my missing ONE

I’ve been staking ONE on staking.harmony.one for ages. Decided to check in the other day and see how things are going. I can see in my portfolio that there were rewards so I clicked Claim Rewards. It then asked me to connect via Metamask via chrome extension which I did.

I then get a message in Metamask saying something I couldn’t work out, and later realised it was probably due to not enough ONE to deal with gas fees.

But now I have no ONE in metamask, and none in my portfolio on staking.harmony.one.

Metamask support say its not something they can help with.

There is no activity listed in explorer.harmony.one

Have I lost it all? What can I do? Please help, I’m very confused


Hello pauly,

Could you please try to provide some screenshots, wallet address etc.

If there is someone here to help, he will need them definitely.

Hoping you to recover.

Have a good day.