Clear structure and rating system

After creating the regional DAO we began to think about improving of our team work. Within a few months we have faced many problems. Below is a list of common problems:

  • How to prevent cheating and multiaccounting during the voting.
  • How to understand, that a member of community contributes to the DAO and has come not to earn tokens without any activity.
  • How to evaluate the contributions of every member of the team. Each of us is individual and unique, we can’t evaluate only time or number of characters in the article.
  • How to exclude those, who came to the DAO only to imitate work or flood chats.
  • How to motivate those who wasn’t elected, but continue to make a huge contribution to the work of the DAO.
  • How to work with other projects of Harmony ecosystem, how to contact with them and what we can offer them.

After that we received a lot of questions from our community like that: “what to do…”, “who can help…”, “I have an idea how to improve smth., but don’t know whom to write…”. we didn’t have answers to most of the questions.

After analyzing all the data, we came to the conclusion that we need clear understanding of the structure and anti-fraud mechanisms. The second important question is self-sufficiency of DAOs.

Clear structure.

Now a lot of regional DAOs have been created and many more will be created soon. We should build a clear structure for newcomers, when he comes and receives as much information about what to do as necessary in order to avoid additional questions about his work.

This clear structure includes:

  • model charter of the DAO;
  • composition of the DAO;
  • other regional and profile DAOs contacts;
  • general list of other DAOs activities.

Everything should be on one resource, with easy search and navigation.

It may be like a game (quest), which Community DAO holds for its members. Such a small ecosystem for our team. If I want to find the governor of Spanish DAO, I open a site and see tg group address and discord url etc.

Rating system.

After the election of governors, I wondered how to escape fraud, multiaccount voting, how to make the structure of the DAO clearer and more transparent.

The first answer was to write common rules for everybody (and it has been done here by Harmonious_Dude). And it is right as everyone should have equal opportunities in community.

But how I can understand, that that buddy, from another regional DAO is a good guy and is really passionate about blockchain or cryptocurrency.

The answer was a rating system. Not that rating system, when we say “Hey, bro, my rating is higher, I’m tougher than you!”. But that rating when I open a profile of member and see, that he is actually innovates on NFT, he made some projects, he was an ambassador of this marketplace.

Below there are some thesis about how I see it.

  • The rating must be tied to a specific wallet. Wallet is my profile, is my identity.
  • The rating system should allow both to raise and lower it. We don’t worry how to raise my rating or what I should to raise it. It should be fully automated system. Upgrades should happen automatically, downgrades should also happen automatically if a DAO member is idle for some time. Also, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of downgrading the rating through voting.
  • Changes in the rating should be influenced not only by active participation in the work of the DAO, but also by the use of various blockchain services. For example, I love NFT and buy them, HODL them, collect. I’m a regular visitor of the auction and this should be reflected in my rating. People should know that I’m an expert of this brunch. Or, maybe, I’m staker…
  • Each section of rating system should have a top limit. Rating should not be infinite, there shouldn’t be a goal to upgrade your rating up to sky.
  • Rating system must be transparent to everyone.

So, rating system gives an opportunity to identify the most incentivized, the most enthusiastic. The contribution of each member will be seen in his or her profile. But the most powerful thing is that we can see the characteristics of the DAO. Who are governors, what skills they have, who are the members of this DAO.

The next advantage of the rating system is something like head huntering. We see a lot of new projects on Harmony. Every project tries to recruiting more people. And if they need ambassadors, they have a ready base of people, who took part in other projects. And they can check what they did and how.

I understand that it is very hard work and somebody can say “Hey, that guy wants to make us equal and measure with a ruler”. But in my opinion, it is a great opportunity to make a career in blockchain for the others. Your identity is your wallet, and if you want reveal your real identity, you do it. If not, you remain only a wallet number.


I’m not sure whether a rating system is a good idea or not… it has the risk of forming “cool guy gangs” that destroy newcomers, like it happened on Stack Overflow, and then people gamify and trick the system just to gain more and more ratings and have even more power to bully beginners.


Of course i had some thoughts about “social inequality”. Later i will prepare the next part and try to formulate mechanisms which allows to avoid it.