clever lottery system as solution to...

Hello World,

Straight to the point: Lottery system with ticket cost 10,20,50 ONE are being deposited into two addresses one is a budget pool second is burnt address. Rewards from the lottery system are being calculated according to the number of tickets, math positive income for one two or three winners, secondary NTF rewards draw connected to the gaming sphere of Harmony and DaVinci nft market. Lottery system can be designed in an infinite number of ways. I am literally shocked it does not exist by now. I am not proposing to create it my self because I have no idea how, yet I am sure that is not only possible but necessary not only for us all but for the world to see how useful the web 3 can be.


Funnily enough I believe there is a lottery app that is either one of the first or maybe the first third party app deployed on Harmony.

Wonder if it still works. I’ll see if I can find it and post it.

edit: Not sure why I even mentioned ‘the first’ since that’s pretty unlikely, but maybe one of the first is right. I did find this example app from 2019:

Then here’s an actual app still running and I think what I was thinking of. Not sure on the date though.

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Hey, thank you for replying :slight_smile: I was very brief with this,but in my mind lottery is something big that could bring more transactions and a way to burn some fees also provide the community with a way to win something and at the same time some way to donate for the recovery of the lost tokens from the bridge failure.

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No problem. I edited the post with what I found. There are probably more modern examples out there too.

If people were willing to burn their unbacked assets in a lottery that would help. I guess since they’d want to win something it would be better for it to be in ONE and then the excess ONE would be used to buy back the assets and burn them each time.

edit: Also stumbled upon this unfortunately named hackathon from 2020:

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Thank you for the links. I truly hope that the harmony team will notice this post and create the ultimate one lottery with nice rich and stuning visual interface.
Some one some day will create a lottery that will bring a lot of attention I can only hope that this will be done on Harmony chain :heart:
Thank you Rel for the attention, because now I can relax that some one else is aware too :slight_smile:

I have just noticed that there is this DELO lottery proposal and it was funded with 50k, I am amazed of the fact that Harmony funded a proposal which brings no benefit to the harmony block chain what so ever, their web site is down and its all shady as hell.

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