Community DAO – Payroll October 2021

To be fully transparent we will show every month our hours and pay out of Governors. For October we are a bit late and hope to improve our speed by November. We’re still awaiting on a time sheet for @OG_Lemurman, he is yet to be paid for hours worked from the Multi-Sig and as soon as a the transaction has been made, hours will be posted for transparency. Every transaction requires the signature of at least 6 elected governors. :closed_lock_with_key: No single governor can make a transaction by themselves :no_entry_sign: Our timesheet and all transactions are shown below :point_down:

Timesheet October Overview
Timesheet October Detailed

Transaction for @Bricktop_One
Transaction for @BRUNO
Transaction for @freyala
Transaction for
Transaction for @Harmonious_Dude
Transaction for @Krypto_Kakashi
Transaction for @ben2k_Stakeridoo
Transaction for @StrongMindsHold

We use the Multi-Sig wallet of Harmony which is transparent and you could join the Wallet in read mode by adding the safe under

Name of Safe: Harmony Community DAO Treasury
Safe address: 0x06937FBaA6c81B89C88d05d2a7e86Ed48f15A755

Owner of the Harmony Community DAO Treasury:
Bricktop_One 0x8F6f89178a94D2ebc921Edee84D8989a5Ac0029b
Bruno Marshall 0x758C8587b5579B9F827A7bcd1c95faC64359e30C
Colin OG Lemurman 0x9dffEed744D408629cE083aDA4228d749B639E10
Freya 0xB0b9A0B9B0FA21AD39835f1671C43EF7A3E57879
GlobeyNFT 0xb337c6372C0cd1feF25385C32c128404450f4871
Harmonious Dude 0x7d91726d37fa9caf6baFDF4a03F3C55642e866b2
Kakashi 0x9a98D5F36B07c2D185e165cf5Fd47dE579155F34
Stakeridoo 0x133763F7d93f2bC4241f9855F71bE5042f020A20
StrongMindsHold 0xd143988234dF9117f4Baa00b5f8D4A56d64e56eA