Community DAO Signatory Q4 2022 Candidate: Ofego

Hello everyone, I’m stepping forward as a candidate for the position of the CDAOs signatories.

I’m Ofego by name, a product designer and an advocate for community first.

I’ve been with the CDAO for a few months now, and I’ve come to realise that despite the setback that the blockchain and everyone involved has seen, a few of us have been consistent in making sure that we keep on standing, which has been really amazing.

I’ve been humbled to work with a few individuals here as a member of the community, and would love to continue doing that on a more official basis.

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You have my support, thanks for submitting


Thank you for submitting!! It was extremely motivating for me to have someone like you come in and contribute with website designs :raised_hands: You have my full support and thank you for stepping up!!! :blue_heart:

I support this candidacy for Ofego

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I support your candidacy :slight_smile:

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i support you Ofego. Cheers