Community DAO Council Q4 2022 Candidate: James Quinif

Hello Harmony Community!

My name is James Quinif aka 5-Q ( QFamilyCrypto ) and I’m a current governor and would like the opportunity to work with some of the potential candidates to move the CDAO forward.

I hope my positivity, teamwork, and dedication can help me add some value to the community.

I have hosted some Twitter Spaces, worked on an ama spreadsheet, and worked with others to build a CDAO office in the crypto arcade.

I truly believe a team if governors willing to work together can help on boarding, project promotion, raise awareness for validators, and overall community involvement.

I appreciate your consideration.


Yessss!! So happy you’re running again :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: Thanks for hanging in there and sticking it out with us!!! :pray:

You definitely have my full support :raised_hands:

Glad to have you on the CDAO candidacy proposal! You always there for community :slightly_smiling_face::blue_heart:

Your work on the c-dao has been outstanding and you have showed commitment to the role and the dao under exceptionally difficult circumstances.

I support your candidacy.

I support this candidacy.

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james you have my support!

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