Community DAO Council Q4 2022 Candidate: Sheraj

My name is Sheraj, I have been part of the Community DAO for the past few months and have been getting more involved. I am long-term bullish on blockchain technology. Looking forward to the opportunity to serve the DAO and community. A lot of changes are currently underway due to lack of funding and I am ready to roll with the punches and work with the community to move forward!

I am ready to commit ~10hr/week and have been attending townhalls and other events for the past few months and do not have a problem continuing to do so for the forseeable future.

Some skills I have are multi-media creation ( and very basic coding skills (sherajr · GitHub) which I can use to contribute to DAO Homepage, social media, and maybe even bring more Automation to the term DAO. Peace Antz is an experimental project I am working on to learn more about what web3 actually is.

I have been part of the Harmony Community for about a year, but only with the Community DAO for a few months. I’m running because I feel I need to in order for the DAO to continue moving forward.

I am in the Pacific Time Zone, located in the Bay Area (pretty close to Harmony HQ).

Thanks for taking the time to research and vote! Hope I can earn yours!


You got my support for sure! You’ve consistently been active in the community and game night has been a great addition. Thank you for always showing up


Hi @sherajr I support your candidacy for the Community DAO.

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I support you also, from all the spaces I’ve listened in on, you are always positive and community orientated


Great guy and great host, very dedicated to the Harmony community. Full support from me!


You have my support…ser. you’re always striving for a better, stronger :muscle: community and you seem to be putting the hours in…already :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:


antz! Sheraj you have my strong support.

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I’ll never be able to describe in one message how much effort Sheraj had been putting into CDAO without having to. He didn’t owe us anything yet it felt like he gave his everything to the CDAO & Harmony Community in particular. His positivity is contagious & the community could certainly use this right now. It was pure joy to work with you man & I am sure you’ll be an amazing governor. :blue_heart:


leading from the front!

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