Community DAO Council Q4 2022 Candidate: Gayatri

hey Community!
glad to submit myself here. i’m experienced community builder who came from NEAR Protocol, where I’ve created 2 DAOs with great results and outreach
and now I’m ready to go further and do my best for Harmony, to which I invested quite a lot $$ :slight_smile:
so I have a direct interest to grow the Harmony Community and to develop myself as a professional.
for me it’s ok to work 20+ hours weekly with reports and managing certain milestones.



Hi Gayatri! Thank you for submitting your candidacy!! I support you and your candidacy :raised_hands:


Thank you for stepping up! I support your candidacy.


Glad to read your submission and you have my support


thanks to everyone for the support and trust :smiling_face:

while the process is going on, could anyone guide me a bit, please? few questions:
– do you have a post here describing the model of work of Community DAO? I’m wondering, how you define responsibilities and rules for Councils
– what social channel(s) is(are) used by Harmony Community DAO to interact with the community?
– how the decisions about supporting projects are making? if Community DAO participates in it?
– if there’re any tool for managing the community by DAO Councils? to track the development and growth
– and which tools are gathering the community? what is useful and helpful from dapps on Harmony for its community?

appreciate a lot any reference, advice or link !


Sorry for the delay! But you asked really good questions I do not have all the full answers to. I’ll do my best though!

Here is a link to the charter, it basically lays everything out there, but we do want to change it. We haven’t gotten around to it though and just been working with what we can get done: CharmVerse

We mainly use Twitter and DISCORD not telegram (shutting CDAO telegram down soon) to interact with the community but have been posting more YouTube streams of our twitter spaces recently.

We have a few google docs to keep track of projects and supporting them but this hasn’t been fully fleshed out either.

We have accounts on Charmverse and Dework, but haven’t been using it too much. We need to use those more though for sure!

We want to do more event on but it has been tough to bring together the community in the past two quarters.

Happy to answer any other questions. If you can, join the discord and you can see some of the polls we have voted on and such:

Thank you again for applying!! Voting starts soon, although it is just a formality since only you had volunteered. Welcome to the Community DAO :blue_heart:


Support with two hands this candidacy. I know and work with Gayatri in different projects for a long time. So cool that Harmony could have such a professional and creative council.


Thank you very much! Do you have any groups for the DAO councils , weekly meetings?

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Here is a link to our community calendar:

We have Townhall Twitter space on Mondays and AMA spaces on Wednesday’s:

Here is a to all out social media and DAO tools:

Have you hopped in the discord yet?

Just found this Onboarding Documentation!!