Creation of Naija DAO Department of Investment and Self Sufficiency (NDDISS)

Dear community members,

Today we your governors made an unprecedented decision to create a “Department of investment and self sufficiency” (NDDISS) for our DAO.

This department is saddled with creating a “thinkers corner” for ideas and strategies to grow the DAO treasury so that we can be able to fund our activities, pay salaries and wages and begin our innovation hub as evidenced in our initial proposal of December 2021.

Luckily enough, we had the rare opportunity to be donated a Mars Colony land by Mars Colony game project on Harmony.

For the last 62 days, that land has been earning 1 CLNY per day. As of today, it had 62 CLNY worth around $85.

We unanimously decided to move the land from our multisig wallet to a secured wallet owned by the DAO and managed by myself, Phranny, Ebuka and Seyi. 4 Governors who have access to the private keys and manage this new department for the time being.

As seen in the picture and video above, we have upgraded the land to be earning 2 CLNY per day.

We are contemplating on using DAO funds to upgrade it to 8 CLNY per day and when the game launches, play the game to earn more fund for the DAO.

The DAO will make back the cost spent in investing $498 for this upgrade in approximately 60 days all things being equal. It can be faster if market recovers suddenly.

That said, we need your opinion and input on other strategies or ideas to help our new Department of investment and self sufficiency.

Those who would like to be contributors to this department should please contact me or @Frances or @Ebuka_arinze or @Heswaik


Quite commendable…the plans put in place for self-sufficiency.

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a good way to go. :blue_heart: :rocket:

Great. A good way to go…