Community DAO'nload on Twitter Spaces - March 4th 2022

Thank you all for attending the Harmony DAO’nload, where the DAO operations team discusses our progress on DAO grants, tooling, and current events in the Harmony DAO community.

Topic of Discussion this week:

  1. DAO Grant progress from the team; we apologies for the delays in getting to grants following ETH Denver.
  2. New DAO Tooling initiatives from Devin and Rachel (our newest DAO Ops team member)
  1. The DAO Grant guidelines from Sam
  2. Africa DAO recap

Lastly, we had some great questions at the end from our community as to why funding all these DAOs (goal: 10,000) is a good idea. Thank you to all who attended and partook in the discussion. We hope to do these more frequently going forward.

Listen to the full DAO’nload here:

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Thanks for recording. very informative session.