Vacant Governorship Election Voting

This voting could have held on snapshot however, the DAO is yet to receive any form of funding to facilitate the seamless running of the DAO. This meant that paying for the snapshot is on hold until funding arrives.

Two of our pioneer governors voluntarily resigned due to heavy work schedule at their places of work. The first to resign was Donald who resigned before our DAO was approved. Joy resigned a week after our DAO was approved.

This creates two vacant position to be filled on the team as the DAO must always have 9 governors as per requirement from Harmony.

On the snapshot, voters must have at least 100 ONE in their wallets. However, because the DAO is yet to buy an ENS domain and create our own snapshot at this time of voting, this voting will be done here by all verified Naija members.

Our Telegram has 101 members at the time of this election post. So this number will be our total registered voters at this election.

Every voter can only vote for two candidates at most. The two with the highest votes stands elected.
Voting runs from 10pm February 11 to 10 pm February 12, 2022.

Any CANDIDATE caught vote buying stands disqualified.

  • Mpunkiller
  • Oluwaseyi
  • Ebuka

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Will like to know if I can forward my manifesto for the governor position

No you can’t.

Wait for the next quarter.


Voting has ended.

Winners will be announced on twitter by @brodaGreen @Irene

Then update will be made publicly here on talk by me.

Congratulations to those who have won. and to those who didn’t, this doesn’t mean you’ve lost. You are still a winner as you will join us to build this DAO to greater heights.

Your contribution and participation will forever remain invaluable to all this community.


Congratulations to all those who emerge the winners, other contestants should also remind themselves that they still winners and to contribute to build the DAO for better Future.

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