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Partner Enablement & Support


We’re very happy to be posting our proposal today along with 2 others (Strategic Partner Recruitment & Partner Ecosystem Comms), and are looking forward to the response from the community and Harmony itself. Cryllium was created by TPL Digital, a specialist tech marketing agency that has worked over 13 years for some of the world’s largest software and finance companies. Following our interests in technology we wanted to help the cryptocurrency space grow and achieve utility for consumers in decentralized and trust-less way. After one of our members found Harmony we agreed on its potential to aid the space with such utility. We aim to provide Harmony with services and market knowledge in order to fulfill future partner adoption goals.

The Collective Goal
Our proposal aims to drive adoption from a different angle in order to fulfill our goal of becoming a top blockchain network. Adoption for us means a thriving ecosystem of successful projects and its many participants. New project growth is currently being bolstered by developer funding which brings more variety into the network. Adoption for projects building on Harmony One provides us with our gateway to the second layer of adoption. Pareto’s Law dictates 80% of partner led growth will come from 20% of your partners. By supporting the 20% to continually grow and reach their audience, and accelerating and elevating the 80% you in turn provide growth for Harmony. Cryllium can help you identify, recruit and accelerate your top partners.

The Second Layer of Platform Adoption
Ethereum has undoubtedly had the biggest success with regards to smart contract platforms, but with that we’ve found it has scalability limitations. Many chains have come to compete by outputting 100x more transactions per second. What do many of them lack? Applications to interact with and developers creating them. It’s all well and good having the capability to perform a thousand transactions per second, but what’s the use if there’s no useful applications to interact with?

Many layer 1’s invest in developer growth by starting funds or handing out grants in order to encourage developers to build on their platform. This process enhances the variety of applications and increasing the chance of fulfilling more participants’ needs. The grant/fund team will decide the winners based on the idea, the financial plan and the go-to-market strategy. Beyond this, how much support are these projects getting if their attempts don’t attract their audience and bring new participants into the network?

Our experience has lead us to believe that by supporting new and existing projects with go-to-market strategies and helping them successfully reach their audience, an additional layer of adoption can be tapped into, both for the project in question and the platform supporting it. A great project will attract many new network participants. For example, Aave on the Ethereum network, at the time of writing this, has 20 billion in assets locked. The scale of this singular project alone outweighs a vast majority of smaller chains’ total market cap, including Harmony.

Proposed Solution

At Cryllium we leverage 12 years of experience working with leading technology companies, managing & evolving support programs for their partner ecosystems, providing service suites & the tools they need to innovate, drive revenue and achieve their shared growth goals.

Every partner program is different according to the vendor needs, partner model and GTM strategy, but they do share core characteristics and our experience in this area would be invaluable for Harmony to accelerate the expansion and growth of the Ecosystem.

Partner MDF fund for accessing a suite of Packaged Service Suites with customizable execution.

Marketing Development Fund (MDF)
MDF & BDF models are commonplace in technology ecosystems, providing a critical financial impetus to kick off and maintain co-marketing and partner led sales & marketing activities. This is of course compliantly governed with established operational processes and audit trails for the execution and claims process. How a Harmony partner MDF & BDF program is structured & administered would require more in-depth discussion with Harmony management team.

Typically, a Marketing Development Fund (MDF) is set up as rebate model, whereby the partner accrues 2-3% of Harmony licence/royalty purchase as a rebate held in a fund, Partners can spend the accrued funds on a menu of support services promoted on the portal.

$1M Kick-Starter Business Development Fund (BDF)
Alternatively, Business Development Fund (BDF) is typically more of a discretionary model for kick-starting activity, with partners submitting requests for co-marketing campaigns. Partners book activity from a promoted service suite, guided via our proposed Marketing Service Bureau (MSB) Consierge Service. For the purpose of kick-starting partners into the program, Cryllium recommend an initial $1M BDF partner fund is agreed, which can be claimed by partners who book packages from the Partner Business Catalogue set out below. Using a 50/50 funding model the budget in effect becomes $2M as the partner contributes 50% of the funding to selected activities, thus it’s naturally creates a committed co-marketing execution model.

A Partner Business catalog with a menu-based service suite is established on the Harmony portal and promoted with the partner comms program proposed by Cryllium. By grouping and packaging the service suites it enables faster and wider utilization among the partner community.

Cryllium Marketing Service Bureau (MSB)
Delivery of the service suites in a partner business catalog will be via Cryllium acting as the Harmony Marketing Services Bureau (MSB), we’ve have set up similar infrastructures for global software vendors. Our parent organization also has access to a global network of specialist tech marketing agencies, which can provide localized execution of partner campaigns. In such cases, Cryllium would act as the Master MSB to co-ordinate with local MSB support agencies.

Even with a service menu, campaign kits and packaged services, our experience from managing many partner programs, is that each partner campaign needs a level of customization and consultancy with partners in regard to their specific needs, value proposition and go-to-market variables. This is where the depth of expertise in the Cryllium team and parent group TPL Digital add significant value to the partner ecosystem.

Service Suite Portfolio Examples

Market Readiness Enablement

Growth Support Programs

Package Examples

Market Readiness Enablement
Below is an example of a selection of services a partner of Harmony may select if they are lacking in-depth knowledge and skills regarding GTM strategies & Marketing. This package helps the partner construct their identity, target market and ultimately allows the partner to create an effective GTM strategy. The knowledge gained from such a suite of service will allow partners to recreate this for future campaigns.

In this example Harmony can opt to offer some services at 100% BDF funded, or 50/50 funding where the partner contributes 50% of the cost. This helps drive utilization behavior toward acceleration service focus. Another example is the Digital Sales Training and 5 User PypeLyft Licence subscription could be 100% BDF funded at $10K, leaving $24K at 50/50 funding.

Growth Support Programs
Below is a suite of services a Harmony partner may select to enable partner growth activity and help partners accelerate to achieve business success with their application. These services would be for partners who are looking to grow quickly without having to employ and train extra marketing teams.

In this example Harmony can opt to offer some services at 100% BDF funded, or 50/50 funding where the partner contributes 50% of the cost. This helps drive utilization behavior toward acceleration service focus. Another example is the SME Sales Outreach campaign and PR Launch kits could be 100% BDF funded at $41K, leaving $40K at 50/50 funding.

Projected Outcomes

Working with many vendor partner programs, we know this area is one of the most challenging to consistently yet right, yet such a critical element of the support programs. Tracking where enablement and growth support dollars are executed and reported is key to optimizing program performance and ROI.

The benefit of adopting an approved service suite, is that the approved Service Packages have KPI elements, with Cryllium team providing Harmony campaign execution reports and KPI reporting on each activity executed. We have established tools and systems in place to help ensure that funds spent on these campaigns is closely monitored and projected outcomes defined. Some other benefits Harmony and it’s partners can except are:

  1. More support for partners
    • By supporting the partners building on Harmony we can help them accelerate their GTM timeline and tap into their ideal target markets to find the user adoption they need in order to thrive.
  2. More network traffic
    • With successful marketing programs, we are able to aid partners in providing their solutions to their growing user base, which will in turn bring new participants into Harmony as well as keep existing participants eager and interested to participate.
  3. To be, or be an extension of, the partners’ marketing team
    • We have the capability to completely run marketing operations or act as an extension of an existing marketing team, this flexibility enables partners to scale quickly and efficiently.
  4. Insight into marketing & knowledge share
    • Partners can utilize our experience of over a decade providing marketing services. They will learn how we approach and execute the tasks at hand and are welcome to use our techniques for their own campaigns.
  5. More value added to the Harmony network through a selection of well-established apps
    • By supporting the adoption of partners, the utility of the Harmony network will accrue, thus making it more appealing to new users and the existing community.

We believe in the free market economy and that therefore people will tend towards the chain that best fits their needs. By supporting Harmony’s ecosystem, this will increase competitiveness, bring more participants into the network and propel us toward our collective goal of driving adoption. We believe in Harmony and that this approach increases the chance of its continued success.

Proposed Team

Team Structure

Board Director x 1 (Part Time)
Brings 15+ years experience of Ecosystem development and establishing partner service support portfolios & functions for technology vendors. Leveraged in the program ramp up and set up phase.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • C-Suite Engagement Network
  • Enabling Group Resources

Account / Project Manager x 1 (Part Time)
Experienced Account Manager with 5 years experience in supporting partner ecosystem growth programs across diverse technology markets and vendor models. Pulls together the various resources and skills pool for campaign execution.

  • Tactical Planning & Execution
  • Harmony key point of contact - SPOC
  • KPI Reporting on progress and performance
  • Day-to-day project Management

Account Exec – Marketing Service Bureau (MSB) x 1 (Full Time)
Experienced Acct Exec with expertise in matching partners to MSB support services & liaising with partner teams on shaping activity to their needs, agreeing business briefs and execution plans from the services stack

  • MSB Services Portfolio management
  • Partner liaison and guidance for Services selection
  • MSB Agency partner on-boarding, listings and local liaison for international campaigns via MSBs

Financial Admin x 1 (Part Time)
Critical administration function for BDF fund claim procedures with multiple partners, payments processes, budget forecasting and financial reporting.

  • Claims management
  • Partner claims & MSB invoice payment for completed activities

Proposed Budget

*Budgets are an estimate based on current exchange rate of £1 = $1.32

Case Studies

Ecosystem Development via Partner Growth & Support

Metaverse Events

Event Drive Marketing

Digital Asset Examples:

Start-up go-to-market strategy creation & pipeline build


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this proposal. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Elliot on this forum. He would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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After discussion, a viable option would be under a DAO structure given your full fledge services. We would recommend to reapply under DAO proposal when timing is right for your team.

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