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Partner Ecosystem Comms Proposal


This proposal offers Harmony One Partner Ecosystem Communication Initiative to support the services across the Harmony One ecosystem, services like the ones we put forward in our Partner Enablement and Support proposal & Partner Recruitment proposals. We believe a successful partner ecosystem can increase the economic value, increase your competitiveness and significantly improve growth. However, fully achieving the potential of a partner ecosystem is not easy. IDC research identifies poor execution and communication as a one of the biggest obstacles. Here at Cryllium, we have a proven track record in leveraging communication strategies to scale partner ecosystems in the software industry. We have now bridged the gap to the blockchain industry, so we can use our expertise in an emerging market that we all love!

We aim to help Harmony along the way to achieving our shared goal of adoption and interoperability. We hope you enjoy the proposal and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

The Solution

We propose a Harmony One Partner Ecosystem Communication Initiative. This would be an interactive and thriving digital environment for partners, where services from across the ecosystem will be presented to partners in a simple and intuitive way. The services can help partners reach their personal goals, and in turn, our collective goal of more adoption of Harmony. We do this by implementing powerful communication strategies in your ecosystem on multiple communication channels, such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord and LinkedIn as well as utilizing any existing partner portals, or content depositories. Regular service updates and information will be readily available to partners via our communications channels. Call to actions will lead partners to the partner portal where they can access service and service owner information. This will support partners in their road to success. Our Partner Enablement/Support & Partner recruitment services are just 2 examples, there could be 100s, all providing services to help the ecosystem thrive.

Our specialist teams would work closely with the Harmony Partner Team and collaborate with service owners to collate and re-purpose relevant partner content. We then communicate this to the partner ecosystem in an appealing and intuitive way. This promotes partner innovation and success through uptake of the services offered, and in turn, scales the Harmony One ecosystem.

Execution Strategy

  • Cryllium will work as an extension of your internal teams to help evolve the strategy and tools to properly communicate and nurture partners along their road to success.
  • Once agreed, we’ll set up the content platforms (Discord, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, TBC) that the partners can interact with in order for them to uptake the services offered.
  • During and after this process, we’ll begin communicating with key stakeholders to collate content, repurpose and promote the services. Re-purposing and managing existing content provides an interactive Partner environment to encourage and nurture faster adaption and service utilization across the Harmony Ecosystem. Among the services provided will be the ones stated in our Partner Enablement & Support Proposal.
  • From here, we‘ll create a continuous content flow to provide to partners.

The program will be rolled out in 3 phases:

  • The initial phase is the ramp-up and establishment of all current Harmony partners, where we introduce them to the program and its benefits.
  • In phase 2 we introduce the successfully recruited Interoperability & Cross-Chain partners (see Partner Recruitment proposal) to the initiative and elevate them toward an established level. This process inspires potential partners to become a member in order to gain from the benefits.
  • Finally, in phase 3 we look to plug in new Adoption partners that would be generated from our partner recruitment proposal, into the program. These are entities that are not using blockchain technology but are seeking to.

Content Distribution Process

In this section, we touch upon how the content will be distributed. Utilising Always-On Communication using private groups such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn allows us to accommodate all partners including adoption, cross-chain and integration partners. Content will be able to be categorized for more precise searching. Partners will interact with content that fits their needs, click through to the partner portal where they can access the service and costings. A visual representation of this process is given below.

Partner Services Examples

Below are some examples of services partners could provide to other partners in the ecosystem.

Exchange Listing – Exchanges within the partner ecosystem might offer coin listings as a service presuming the partner meets requirements.

Integration and Development Services – Integration partners might provide Product Development, API or Website Development services.

Go2Market Workshop Training – Cryllium can offer go-to-market training to the partner ecosystem. (See Partner Ennoblement & Support Proposal.)

Liquidity Providers – LP service offering to new exchanges or swap protocols within the Harmony partner ecosystem.

Tailored Bespoke ABM Targeted Marketing Programs – Cryllium can offer target marketing programs to the partner ecosystem. (See– Partner Ennoblement & Support Proposal)

Interoperability & Cross-Chain Partner Recruitment – As part of the Partner Recruitment Proposal, Cryllium offers a partner recruitment service tailored towards Interoperability & Cross-Chain partners.

Promotional Program Topics Examples

Below are examples of promotional topics which will be incorporated into a strategic content plan.

Connecting Partners - Introducing partners to the Harmony One Ecosystem making sure they are all connected and able to integrate with each other. Videos to walk through where partners can find each other and what the Harmony Ecosystem has to offer.

Educating Partners - Increase awareness and adoption of training techniques and go to market strategies from the Partner Enablement/Support process. E.g. Technical assistance, resources, and opportunities that are relevant to them.

Harmony One Leaders Voice - Partners can learn and gain insight from the voice of Harmony One leaders. Motivational and technical videos covering protocol, road-map and network goal updates.

This Quarter on Harmony - Videos to outline the progress that has happened on Harmony for a specific quarter. Currently, this is published as an article, we believe videos can be more appealing.

Partners Voice - Partner Success stories, giving partners the opportunity to share views and successful ideas to the ecosystem. Practical examples/use cases of developers building and scaling dApps on Harmony One.

Big Blockchain Picture - A broader market perspective in the context of Harmony One program; Consumer and developer Pain-Points & Market Trends, Rationalize which values of Harmony One program will help partners address consumers and developers as well as accelerate their business. Video content with feedback from the community in order to supplement the next edition.

Why Partner and Develop with Harmony One? - Stories created based on developer myth-busting, testimonials, references and appraisal quotes from partners. Written content, or video content.

Harmony One Specials*

Here are some additional ideas for events and content Harmony along with Cryllium can provide to the partner ecosystem.

Metaverse Events – Community meet and greets to promote communication and potential partnerships among the community.
Webinar Series - Topics covered can be voted on by developer or broader community.*
Podcast series - Interviews with successful partners, Harmony One leaders or projects from other chains.*

*Not included in the costs outlined in the proposed budget

Projected Outcomes

The Harmony One Strategic Communication Partner Blockchain Initiative in 2022 will support the Harmony One ecosystem by reinforcing and building on the communication channels between Harmony and the partners. This will help build strong relationships and make it easier for entities within the ecosystem to collaborate and support each other on their road to success.

Here are some key benefits partners and Harmony could expect from the initiative.

  • Education; enabling partners through education and specialist content, bringing both utility and Interoperability to the forefront of the educational topics.
  • Visibility; make and keep partners aware of the current and future benefits that Harmony One has to offer.
  • Increase Adoption of Harmony services to scale applications or help with interoperability goals.
  • Partner Growth; enabling partners to grow most efficiently via the use of the Harmony One ecosystem.
  • Strategic and Hands-on Support on content-driven marketing for partners to drive growth.
  • Boosted Sense of Community by creating a partner ecosystem and initiative where participants can utilize each-other and the services offered.

Proposed Budgets

Team Structure
It’s proposed there will be a core team of 3 full-time project staff allocated to managing this program, supported by an extensive pool of resource that can be deployed or utilized as and when needed. The core teams’ roles are summarized below.

Project Lead x1
• Project management
• Compliancy and resourcing
• Content coordinator
• Consolidated reporting & KPI Overviews Monthly
• Creative Services / Group Management

Creative Services / Group Management x1
• Content Creation
• Scheduling of posts
• Group Management of Members and activity.
• Proving KPI overview monthly.

Networking Service / Content writer x1
• Conversing with appropriate Harmony Stakeholders
• New partner Introductions
• Writing copy for Posts
• Interaction with Partners via Groups

*Budgets are an estimate based on current exchange rate of £1 = $1.32

Case Studies

Partner Ecosystem Support via Digital Comms Programs

Metaverse Events

Event Drive Marketing

Digital Asset Examples:


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this proposal. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Elliot on this forum. He would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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