Crypto Mujeres Proposal For Project Y

Crypto Mujeres DAO


When asked about the earliest financial advice they received, many Latin American women responded:

“The first thing that my mom, my aunts, and my grandmother taught me about finances is that I had to marry a wealthy man to be financially free.”

Latin American countries are among the most sexist and violent against women in the world. They also have a patriarchal financial culture in which women are expected to depend on men to survive economically. Our main motivation is to combat this pervasive cultural myth. We plan on breaking this bias by offering women the opportunities, tools, and knowledge they deserve in order to thrive and achieve their own financial freedom.

A second massive problem facing Latin America is the ongoing financial crisis. In 2020, the GDP of Latin America fell by 14% and in 2022, they are suffering the highest inflation seen in over 30 years. The price of food, gas, electricity, and water has shot up while salaries have remained the same. We believe that Defi can help save the economy of many people in Latin America by protecting them against dollar inflation and currency devaluation.

Unfortunately, most Latam women do not have access to the tools needed to learn about finances. That is why we created Crypto Mujeres, a Spanish/Portuguese educational platform made for women by women. We want to create a safe and empowering community where women can obtain the necessary tools to achieve financial independence by becoming educated about blockchain, crypto, and all the opportunities available for them in the space.

One of the challenges we will face is the language barrier. Since most Latam women are not fluent in English, our educational project will be 100% in Spanish, with a Portuguese translation. Of course, we recognize that to be able to work in Web3 today it is necessary to know to be fluent in English which is why we will also offer a free English course to our community members. Since speaking English is an incredibly powerful financial tool in Latin America, we are confident that this class will kickstart many women’s journey to financial freedom.

Our first goal is to educate 1000 women from Latin America in our community in our first year. We will teach them to create written, graphic and visual content on Web2 while giving them the tools and opportunities to apply their talents and generate wealth in Web3.

If we want blockchain technology to truly change the world in a decentralized, equitable, and just way, it is our duty to make sure that resources, opportunities, and education are available to all people. We believe this means providing Latam women with Web3 education in their native language. We believe it is best if they are taught by other women that they can trust and feel safe with. We believe they will be most inspired when they can see themselves in their leaders and teachers.

Our Mandates


The first governors will develop an accelerator course on basic Web3 topics. Each week students will focus on two new topics. The course will also teach students to create content on social networks. The platforms for the course will include Thinkific, Discord, Website, Loom and Zoom.

Link to Syllabus


At the end of each week students will be asked to participate actively in web2 and web3 by creating content, in Spanish, for social networks regarding the topics they learned. For example, they might create a Tik Tok, a Twitter thread, or a Podcast about fractionalized NFTs. A requirement to graduate from the course will be the creation of a digital wallet and an NFT project.


The content made by the students will go through a curation process by the DAO governors. After a vote, the most appealing and relevant content will be published on the Crypto Mujeres social networks. Winning students will be paid in social tokens and given author credit on the post. We will also have a competitive NFT project for the DAO.

$CMD Social Token

Two months after it was created, Crypto Mujeres’ Twitter and Instagram platforms have following of over 1,500 people. Through its organic scalability, our platform’s impact will only continue to grow. That is why we have decided to launch our very own Social Token to reward our incredible community.

$CMD is a social token built on the Harmony Ecosystem (HRC-20). $CMD stands for Crypto Mujeres DAO native token. We will distribute it by rewarding our graduates as they complete our course.

Token holders will unlock a variety of perks that include but are not limited to:

  • Exclusive Access to Discord Channels.

  • Access to IRL and URL events.

  • Access to Web3 courses.

  • Access to English courses.

Growth Strategy

Growth Through Commitment

Crypto Mujeres DAO will be run by a group of governors. Each governor will be in charge of overseeing their respective Latin American country. They will each be responsible for bringing crypto newbies from their country to enroll in the first course. After they finish the first course, those graduates will have to have brought two new students in order to enroll in the next course.


Crypto Mujeres DAO is created by women for women, however, our community is 100% inclusive. We value diversity and we are committed to including other genders once we have reached our 100,000 women member goal. Of course, the LGTBQ+ community and allies are always welcome to join the Crypto Mujeres community.

A long-term goal of ours is to create content in different dialects of Latin America such as Guarani, Quechua, and Aymara.


Crypto Mujeres already has a large social media presence consisting of 1500+ Latam women. This large community was developed organically within 2 months and is growing faster every day. Evidently, there is great demand from Hispanic women wanting to learn about crypto and Web3 in their native language. Our marketing strategy will bank on this organic growth, relying on word of mouth and storytelling through in-person and online events. These events will include Twitter spaces, webinars, local hangouts, and much more. Ads, PR, social media, and email will be part of our marketing plan.

Link to our Social Networks: @crypto_mujeres | Linktree

Milestones to fulfill our three mandates:


  • Development of the core team and constitution of Crypto Mujeres DAO.
  • Development of smart contracts for social tokens and tokenomics plans.
  • Development of Web3 course Syllabus and deliverables.
  • Development of student satisfaction surveys after each class.
  • Creation of the domain, Website, Thinkific, marketing plan, and sustainable business model.


  • Development of a four-week-long live cohort Web3 accelerator course (in Spanish and Portuguese) including legal framework (Student agreement and NDA).
  • Pilot course with limited enrollment (50 students max).
  • Feedback and implementation for the open enrollment first-course launch.
  • Consolidate an alliance with an English academy for all registered students.
  • Enrollment of students in the first edition.
  • Launch of the first Crypto Mujeres cohort Live course with students from Peru, Argentina, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela.
  • Host a graduate event for the recruitment of new students.
  • Development of NFTs to generate income for Crypto Mujeres DAO.
  • Advertising of the NFTs to guarantee Gold List.
  • Enrollment of students for the second edition.
  • Launch of the second Crypto Women course in Peru, Argentina, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Chile.
  • Host a graduate event for the recruitment of new students.


  • Sponsorship graduates to attend Crypto Conferences around the globe.
  • Launch of NFTs.
  • Expansion to three more Latin American countries.
  • Third Crypto Women Course in Peru, Argentina, Honduras, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay.
  • Fundraising with NFTs.
  • Development of the first marketing campaign.
  • Consolidation of partnerships with local schools.

Metrics for the first term (Q1)

  • Operational website

  • Culmination of the first educational course.

  • Deliverable of the students to graduate:

  • Creation of social media content by female students curated by female rulers.

  • NFT project

  • Digital wallet address.

  • 10,000k followers on social networks.

  • Expand to Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Colombia.

Link To Roadmap

The team

Annalisa Caballero, Governor of Crypto Mujeres DAO Peru

Founder of Crypto Mujeres. Head of digital marketing and community for Darshana and ambassador for Surge Women. Annalisa is a graduate of the Catholic University of Peru where she studied Performing Arts and focused on Theater. IN 2016 she founded Tomboi, a clothing brand produced by single mothers in Peru where a percentage of the royalties goes to NGOs that provide support for women and girls who are victims of violence and sexual abuse. In 2018 she won the FIDM scholarship for the FIDM Professional Degree in Marketing and Apparel Business which she graduated from in 2020. In 2022, she founded the Crypto Mujeres social media networks and has amassed 1500 followers in a month. Crypto Mujeres has already helped numerous girls earn scholarships to crypto events across the world, providing them with invaluable knowledge and opportunities.

Carolina, Governor of Crypto Mujeres DAO Honduras

Carolina is a business administration student at UNAH who spends much of her time creating educational crypto content. Carolina is a community leader for Blockeadas in Honduras, a group focused on teaching women about Web3. She organized BUIDL - Honduras a hackathon event.

Natalia, Governor of Crypto Mujeres DAO Argentina

Natalia is a law student at UBA. She is a community ambassador at the first startup in Argentina dedicated to crypto and web3 education. In addition, she is a co-leader in the Finance team at Chalk Back, a non-profit international youth-led movement committed to ending gender-based street harassment with public chalk art, digital media, and education.


Link To Contributors

“Y” Grant at EthRio2022 $10,000 Disbursement Q1

1 Development of smart contracts for Social Tokens and tokenomics plan Unit 1 500 500
2 Development of the website Unit 1 2,000 2,000
3 Development of the Discord Unit 1 500 500
4 Development of Thinkific Website Unit 1 500 500
5 Graphic Design Kit 1 500 500
6 Development of the class , deliverables and materials (4 governors avg. 3 hours/week) Hours 48 35 1680
7 Pilot course (4 governors avg. 3 hours/week) Hours 48 35 1680
Sub-total $ 7360
Safety net Glob 1 $2640
TOTAL $ 10,000

Proposal ask

We are asking for the Y Grant of $10,000 to help develop Crypto Mujeres DAO.


Strong YES from me! Onboarding women scholars for Latam requires Spanish and Portuguese translation for web3 training program. Looking forward to seeing this come to live!


Onboarding Latin-American women is integrating one of the best talent in the globe into WEB3 ! Strong values, entrepreneurship, eager to help, learn and surge!


Strong YES from me, Looking forward to see the result of it and i feel this team has the potential to make great things happen. @Mattyontap @lij


The community is just as important as the learning process to build the confidence to learn something new and ask questions, and built confidence. Crypto mujeres offers both. It’s an amazing project focus on LATAM talent.


the language barrier leaves us out of large ecosystems like the crypto ecosystem. Learn, create and earn so that all women in LATAM are part of this technological revolution!


Strong SI/YES from me! I believe Latin America is the future of the digital economy, and it’s incredibly important to onboard more women into this space and learn web3. Looking forward to the developments of this rockstar team!


Excited about this project and the community you’re building for Latin America!


Thank you for all your help and support Amy!

Thank you for all your help and support Cristiano!

Jess, you are right. In Latin American countries, where their local currency is devaluing by the minute, we must introduce education on web3 and DeFi. This way will create an equal opportunity to generate wealth in the world.

Thank you Nati for your kind words and ideas. We must destroy that wall and build an equal space for everyone to break into Web3!

Thank you Monica for your brilliant inside. For us, community is everything. We don’t need a robust white-paper to tell you that. We managed to create a buzzing Crypto Mujeres community organically because of LATAM’S women desire to learn and surge!