Crypto Royale – a play-to-earn Battle Royale game, with no up-front investment

  • Launched on Harmony 3 months ago and growing 40% MoM.

  • Exceptional player engagement metrics (60 games per day)

  • Growing reputation as a crypto-game that’s fun AND has no up-front investment.


1. Summary

Blockchain gaming is expected to reach $7.2 billion by the end of the year and Crypto Royale is actively looking to play its role in an imminent, and explosive industry. This document has been written and presented in a transparent manner to illustrate the current status, progress, development and future plans of Crypto Royale. Further game and strategic data are available upon request. We invite the Harmony committee to ask any questions that may remain unanswered in the proceeding text.

2. Name of Project

Crypto Royale - A browser play-to-earn game that is purposefully designed to be simple to play yet difficult to master. Every day 700+ players congregate on the battlefield as they fight to see who can survive and claim the game’s HRC-20 token – ROY. Today, the game celebrates 400% growth since its launch with every indication that growth will continue to reach new highs.

3. Application type

Investment: $350K or Grant: $250K

4. The Basics

4.1 Launch

Having passed an informal, yet self-scrutinizing 2-month proof-of-concept period, the game’s founder and developer decided to dedicate 100% of their time, and self-finance the project’s roll out. The full-time attention ensures a complete focus on the game-development and business approach is carried out.

The game was rebranded and its own token was launched on 10/06/2021 and has, to date, hosted over 700,000 games. The game continues to break its own engagement records and is on target to reach the next set of metrics for success (see section 6)

4.2 The Game

Players enter a battlefield where they must be ‘the last person standing’. Represented by moons, a player’s ‘character’ can be one of three colours (Yellow, Pink, Blue). Colours are interchangeable by collecting boxes dropped onto the battlefield and must be used to ensure a player’s strength over an opponent in an effort to outsmart, outwit and out manoeuvre other players to become the victor.

Victory is claimed when only one player remains, a wheel is spun to determine their ROY Reward for that battle. Battles can be fast paced or slow, strategic battles. The game allows for each player to adopt a style of their own, and often becomes an identifiable trait/signature of said player.

Whatever a player and opponents’ strategy there is a continual external force adding pressure to the gameplay – a closing circle. Venturing outside into the darkness causes a deterioration in health, but the collectables outside can, and often do, provide the weapons needed to claim victory. Positioning and timing are critical components to a player’s skill set.

5. Community

Players from afar join together in a friendly environment, differences in age, geographic location and crypto knowledge are side-lined as players share one commonality – the game, and for the most part, an exciting journey in the game’s evolution that they are actively involved in through feedback and suggestions, most of which happens on the game’s Discord server, currently boasting 2700 members.

Player age groups are mixed with 18-25 seemingly the most popular age bracket. Opportunities within the lower range age-bracket present an interesting area of future exploration and potential with app development.

5.1 Gateway to Crypto and Harmony

A recent survey sent to players revealed that 48% of Crypto Royale players considered themselves new to cryptocurrency and the game has been an integral component to increasing their awareness and trust in the digital asset.

Further results reveal that only 17% of the player base had an in-depth knowledge regarding the Harmony blockchain and its token. Although 31% had previously seen ONE listed on an exchange they possessed no knowledge of its utility, mission and values until integrating into the CR community. 51% of all respondents claim to have never heard of the blockchain . Interestingly, 58% of respondents who had not heard of Harmony ONE have since acquired ONE and held onto it.

In examining the survey results it has become clear that Crypto Royale has inadvertently built a bridge between the “Crypto-Curious” and “Crypto World” through a safe and common environment; gaming.

5.2 Players and Crypto

Crypto Royale has purposefully refrained from forced growth until now and maintained a desire to grow organically, in part due to funding restrictions and in part as a means of measuring organic adoption.

When asked how many friends players have personally recommended the game 65% of players responded to “at least one friend”. 39% of players shared that they play 9hours + per week, 51% claimed to play 7 hours a week.

Furthermore, when asked about their general gameplay, 63% say they only play Crypto Royale or play it more than other games. The remaining players responded that they play another game more frequently. Note that the player base continues to grow and players are retained. When asked how long they’ve been playing the answers illustrate: 68% > 1 month, 52% > 2 months.

6. Metrics

The current success, and future potential of the project can be observed across 3 metrics.

Total # of games played per day ( Growth )

Average # of games played by each player, each day ( Engagement )

Daily Active players ( Reach )

6.1 Growth

Crypto Royale has grown 400% since its launch on the Harmony blockchain, with a record number of 12,082 games played the day before this grant application was submitted. This growth has been fuelled by organic mentions of the game on Reddit and other social media, where Crypto Royale is garnering a name for itself as a crypto game that requires no upfront investment and has real engaging gameplay.


6.2 Engagement

Crypto Royale exhibits outstanding engagement metrics. The average # of games played per day has increased to over 60, which translates to over an hour of playtime a day . Users report the game to be extremely addictive, with many having racked up over 10,000 games since launch. These numbers are despite a steep learning curve for newcomers; a common issue in PvP games. Once newcomer onboarding/churn is resolved, we expect engagement to increase further, with the games played per day to exceed 100.


6.3 Reach


6.4 Success Metrics

We are currently in Month 3 and are delighted to have exceeded each metric of success except the mobile play ratio.

3 Months 6months 12 months 24 months
Daily Games 5,000 20,000 100,000 500,000
Daily Players 500 1,500 8,000 40,000
Staked Game % 2% 3% 6% 17%
Mobile 5% 7% 15% 40%

7. Project Roadmap/milestones

1-4 Proof of concept Complete
5 Rebrand and (Re) Launch working concept under HRC-20 Complete
6 Airdrop Complete
8 Launch Weekly Tournament Mode Complete
9 Collaborations within Harmony eco System Complete
10 Launch Daily Tournaments Complete
10 Create Private Game Mode Complete
11 Gaming Achievements Complete
11 Expand Community Outreach Complete/Ongoing
12 Visual Redesign In Process
12 Seek funding In Process
14 New Game Mode Launch
16 NFT marketplace for in-game skins and cosmetics
20 Native Mobile App
24 Governance Programme for ROY holders
28 Profit-sharing of staked game profits for ROY holders

8. Investment Plan and Vision

Our long-term vision is to become the go-to play-to-earn platform, for both casual and competitive gamers. Casuals will be able to make their first foray into crypto within the familiar and fun context of gaming. We believe competitive gaming, PvP and crypto can combine to create a play-to-earn boom, not unlike the online poker boom of the last decade.

Whilst we’ve been able to achieve high engagement through fun gameplay, to reach a mainstream audience, we need to reduce the quality gap between crypto and traditional gaming. This means better visuals, better mobile support, deeper gameplay mechanics, and much more.

Crypto Royale’s progress to date has come despite no external investment and only a single full-time employee. To achieve the vision above, we will be splitting grant funds equally between accelerating product development through key hires, and increasing exposure through marketing spend. We plan on increasing the full-time team size from 1 to 5, by onboarding 2 more developers, a UI/UX designer and a multiroletalent marketing professional.

9. Player Testimonials

In keeping with our transparency, we asked players to share their thoughts towards the game and the project. We invite the committee to read those words in their original format here:

10. Links

Discord: Crypto Royale (2700 members)


Crypto Royale is so simple in its rules and controls but it actually hides quite intricate strategies to win which makes it a fun and addictive game. The rounds are very quick which makes it perfect for playing during small breaks or downtime.

It has almost no barrier to entry unlike most crypto-based games. If you have a browser on a computer or mobile phone, you can just click “Play” and earn ROY. Most other games require you to buy pricey NFT’s or deposit funds before you can even play.

For example, I was able to send the link to the game to friends who don’t really know about/understand cryptocurrencies and they were able to play, have fun, and earn some ROY. This then was a great opportunity to introduce them to cryptocurrencies, I’ve helped them to withdraw ROY to their own wallet, setup Harmony network and make their first swap on ViperSwap.

Lastly, in relation to Harmony/ONE, it’s actually the game that introduced me to this awesome sidechain and made me appreciate transacting with low fees, even for complex swap/staking contracts! An awesome feature that was recently added to Crypto Royale is the ability to acquire ONE by using the “Withdraw as ONE” button, this makes Crypto Royale the first and only ONE faucet to my knowledge. This is actually a crucial piece of Harmony that was missing for people who received funds on Harmony without bridging their own funds (and thus did not receive ONE dust to transfer/swap/stake funds they received).

EDIT: One thing I haven’t talked about in my original comment on reddit (pasted above) is the current developer. He is probably one of the most open and reactive developer I’ve seen for project of this size. Even as a newcomer I was able to influence the game and see a suggestion I’ve made implemented within few days. He seems very dedicated to this project and he has built a community of welcoming contributors around him, this is in my opinion also one of the basis of successful project in the long run.


I have to say, this game made me get more involved with Harmony One and the community around both One and eventually the game itself. I even got my first One dust from the Crypto Royale community (thanks Drkdavid!). And what’s best, Crypto Royale doubled down on their generosity by implementing their own Harmony One faucet. How awesome is that?

It’s been a while since I booped for my first nano rewards and the transition to the Roy HRC-20 token has been an all around blessing. Players are generous with their in-game tipping and the daily tournaments unite the whole player-base. Moreover, the fact that the game has its own token proves that the devs mean serious business and have skin in the game (pun intended).

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, a gamer or a potential investor who doesn’t know or care about Crypto Royale, you’re missing out on a wonderful gaming experience, an awesome community, and a great investment. I hope to see this project grow and achieve its full potential. Because it’s ONE of a kind. :wink:

To add to the original reddit comment, this game has a lot in common with Harmony One: it’s easy to get involved with it even for noobs, it possesses a lot of potential and future growth, and most of all, it has a supportive and positive community. All in all, I think it’s not an understatement to say that this would be a partnership made in heaven.


Crypto Royale is easy to learn and control but hard to dominate it rewards the players who wants to improve, it has a very active comunity, daily tournaments and a esay way to earn cryptocurrency based on the Harmony/ONE blockchain.
This game is pretty fun, addictive and has a lot of potential it’s very newbie friendly


I am more of a gaming guy than a crypto person and tend to like having something to play on idle times, which ROY started by doing just that when I first discovered it. the game is beyond the common battle royale choices since it can keep the engagement of the players by the reward system making it an interesting play. with strong basics I was intrigued to find more about the project which had a very welcoming community and a hardworking team, later finding about the harmony and related contents so for now everything seems to have been working favorably. only the future is left and I am eager to horde ROY for governance and earning/growth based profits.


Being a harmony_one holder discovering a crypto-game within it’s ecosystem that I actually ENJOY playing while also earning, is fantastic. Even though it’s simple, it provides fun, laughs, anger, satisfaction, competition, and the will to get better. It’s a rollercoster of emotions that I haven’t felt for a game for quite a while, and it’s THRILLING. The fact that there are tournaments boost the game’s status and rewards the people that commit.

Definetely a gem among the crypto-games!


Awesome project. With pay-to-play NFT games popping up like mushrooms after the rain, they choose to go to play-to-earn free to play route in order to encourage the growth of the game together with the crypto ecosystem.

Its a simple game (but hard to master). Dev always communicate, take feedback from community. “You have an issue?” Hop into the discord - the mods and communities are there to help you. By looking at the roadmap and milestone they have achieved, I’m confident this game can expand exponentially.

Also, the game introduces me to ONE - Harmony.


I completely agree. This game is an excellent introduction to the crypto world in general. For some people the crypto world is a scary place full of words and concepts they don’t understand so they tend to stay away. This game makes it more approachable, and let’s them discover it at their own pace while they’re having fun playing a kick-ass game.


I discovered Crypto Royale a couple of months ago and have been excited about this project since day one. Admittedly I was very new to crypto but the team welcomed me and guided me so much (actually beyond the game itself). I’m happy to have found a warm and kind community backed by a rapidly developing game. This has become the only game I play and one of the first things I open on my phone in the morning.


Crypto Royale is a fun, simple game with very short matches and is commonly referred to as “addictive”. As a game that pays out cryptocurrency, a lot of people come for the game, then learn about Crypto as they play, and the Harmony network makes that exceedingly easy, with their low fees and simple transactions. Crypto Royale has seen extremely quick update turnarounds and constant improvements since it’s been launched, so it’s hard to believe that the developer is currently a team of one. The proposed useage of the grant money is a wonderful idea, and I can only wonder how much more the game could be improved, and how many more people can be introduced to ROY and the greater Harmony ecosystem.


I literally discovered the game during my initial days exploring crypto - a “noob” if you will. Those early days can actually be quite daunting for someone dipping their toes into the world of crypto,- especially when their real world social circle isn’t involved. I feel fortunate to have discovered, not only the game but also the community. Needless to say I had no idea what Harmony (ONE) was lol. I do now of course and have a decent amount staked (in relation to my own means and portfolio :wink: )


Thank you for this detailed proposal. We’re big fans of Crypto Royale. Given the current number of users, we recommend you apply for the “Launches” category for $50k.

  1. 500 Launches ($20M). Applications of each launch must have prototyped a feature-full product. Harmony helps incubate these founding teams with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit. We recommend a $50K equity-free contribution each: $10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet, $10K after mainnet launch, $10K after forming a DAO with its community, and $20K for after 10K users.

According to the “Grants/Ports” guidelines, projects need to have a minimum of 10k active users to qualify:

  1. 100 Ports ($20M). Recipients of each grant for porting must have achieved product-market fit. Harmony helps scale these thriving projects via porting to our mainnet. We recommend $50-250K each over 4-8 weeks, on projects already with active 10K users, and engaging their teams in public forums. Prime areas of market growths are Play-to-Earn games, musician fan clubs, investment DAOs, portfolio dashboards, and event and collectible curators.

For “investments”:

  1. 50 Investments ($20M). Tokens of each investment are on-chain and semi-liquid. Harmony helps evaluate technical strengths, market potentials, and ecosystem alignment. We recommend $250K-$1M for each check at maximum $10M valuation, collaborate over events and campaigns, and rebalance portfolio quarterly to diversify.

Please let me know if you are ok to proceed with the $50k launch fund.



It’s been only 1 month since I discovered this game from a post on r/cryptocoins. And in that relatively short period, I finally got around to understanding how the crypto world works especially the harmony network where I invested for the first in my life. The growth of the game in this period has also been quite a delight. If you want a fun game with a nice community and to get a better understanding of why harmony is the next big thing I recommend anyone to play this game.


Hi Giv.

Thanks very much for your quick response and guidance, it’s much appreciated. I did have a challenge deciding which category to apply under given our engagement and growth.

Do you mind if I reach out to you on Discord to share everything in more detail to make sure we will be placed in the best category? I appreciate you’re busy but hope we can discuss a little further. Thanks again.



Of course, anytime. Giv | Harmony#5499


Hi Giv,

As discussed, we’ve gone ahead and run a count on our monthly active users, to go along with DAU numbers in the application.

Currently the number stands at 8,006. If we extend the definition of active users to 40 days, then we’re at 10,745.

We’re hoping that the level of engagement of our users, combined with play-to-earn being a “prime area” of interest, makes us still eligible for consideration for Grant/Investment categories, as that level of funding would really accelerate our growth. Otherwise, we are of course happy to go ahead and apply in the “Launch” category.

If you’d like a breakdown of any numbers in any shape or form, do let me know and happy to provide them. Thanks again for your help.


I played the game my first time in april, when I randomly stumbled on a post by ROYalty on reddit. It was basically my main gateway to crypto, and with the launch of the ROY token it also made me discover the world of Harmony ONE.
Apart from the game being simple, fun and charming, I was also conquered by the friendly and amazing community.
ROYalty is a great and competent dev and deserves all my praises for creating all this.
Generally, I am super excited for the development of this project on the Harmony ONE network.


As someone who has been in the crypto sphere for a long time, I have never paid too much attention to Harmony until I discovered Crypto Royale.

The simplicity of the game and the lack of up-front costs make it one of the best and easiest ways of learning about Harmony One–be it the low fees or the light speed transactions–and about all the projects that get involved with Crypto Royale thanks to the Sunday tournaments.

In my humble opinion, it is the most user-friendly way of both learning about the intricacies of cryptos, like the upcoming nft’s, and having fun with them.

Given the community around the game, the dev constantly updating and tweaking the game based on community feedback, and the roadmap ahead, I really see a bright future for the project as a whole.


I found Crypto Royale through a post on Reddit before it’s switch to the Harmony network. It’s a fun and engaging game that also presents enough challenge and features to continuously provide entertainment. The simple mechanics makes it easy to pick up, but some advanced game play can also a challenge to master, which has kept me hooked.

Surrounding the game is a community that has been supportive and welcoming to newcomers, often answering questions about gameplay as well as questions about trading on the Harmony network. I was introduced to the Harmony network through this game, and since then, I have learnt more about other features including NFTs and staking.

The weekly tournaments have also been a source of joy and learning. Often the prize is another coin or token, bringing engagement from another community and introducing the player base to new technologies.

What brings me the most faith in the project is the dev’s active investment into both the game and its community. We see updates from the dev every week on progress made in improving the game and furthering its outreach. They are also active on the discord server, answering queries and addressing issues daily. The dev also encourages participation through community polls, collecting suggestion, etc.

Overall, I think it’s a solid project with a great dev and a great community. The game has great playability, the dev is highly involved, and the community is welcoming and ever-growing. With the weekly tournament featuring various crypto projects, and the future updates including adding NFTs, I think that in addition to being a super fun game, Crypto Royale has the potential to become a popular and engaging platform for cryptocurrencies and for expanding the reach of the Harmony network.


Crypto Royale is a hugely promising project. I have complete faith in success of this game thanks to the efficiency of development, support of the community, and simplicity (yet strategic and competitive nature) of the game.

I was also introduced to Harmony ONE by means of playing Crypto Royale and earning the game’s HRC-20 token, ROY. Until recently I was unfamiliar with the Harmony’s ecosystem, HRC-20 tokens and NFTs. I am now a holder (and passtionate supporter) of ONE, several HRC-20 tokens (thanks to Crypto Royale’s Crypto of the Week), and NFTs on the Harmony network.

With no sign-ups, no credit card details and no downloads required, I don’t think adoption of such a technonlogy could be made simpler than what this project offers.