Cryptum LatAm Web3 Infrastructure

Name of Project

Cryptum by Blockforce

Application type: Bounty

Project overview

Born in 2017 and one of the pioneers in Brazil, Blockforce is a Blockchain Research & Builder, providing blockchain-based digital products. We are first B Corp certified in LatAm. Through years of blockchain studio expertise, we built Cryptum, to catalyze Web3 migration and boost blockchain applications.

Cryptum is BaaS infrastructure layer to provide the easiest and fastest way to interact with blockchain protocols. Through our unifed framework of integration, based on SDK, API or Plugin, user’s can integrated or build their applications in blockchain minutes, saving cost and time. We aim to offer a Web3 tool to boost Harmony use cases mainly in LatAm.

Based in our know-how and focused on the Web3 development of the LatAm community, in addition to English, we will launch the product in Portuguese and Spanish.

At Cryptum, we focused in three main clients: Builders, Creators and Sellers.


Both types of customers benefit from a monitoring panel, where they can view (zero code) the use of the product (requests, purchases, transactions, and others), invite the team, and manage it.

  1. Builders: complete tool package to develop solutions in public blockchain networks simply and quickly. [by SDK/API]

  1. Creators: zero-code panel to create and sell their own NFTs. Create your own Shopfront to sell your NFTs. [by Dashboard]

  1. Sellers: accept crypto and add NFTs shopping experience in your e-commerce. [by Plugins - Woocomerce/Magento, & API - Custom made website]

Proposal Ask and Milestones

We aim to offer a tool that facilitates the migration to Web 3 for the LatAm public, making any builder, creator or seller able to enter Web 3 space. For Harmony, through this, our goal is to increase the number of cases in the region, and create a relevant ecosystem.

Scheduled for launch in May 2nd week, Cryptum would like to apply for the Grant to boost Harmony protocol adoption, proposing:

Total Allocation:


Milestone 1 | Testnet

(Builders) Integrate Harmony protocol into Cryptum offered protocols
Providing developers a complete SDK/API tool to easily build and integrate Harmony into their applications.

(Creators) Integrate Harmony protocol into Cryptum our NFT panel and Shopfront
Providing creators a zero-code dashboard to create and sell their Harmony NFTs. This section will also provide creators to deploy a properly Shopfront to manage and sell their NFTs.

(Sellers) Include ONE into our Crypto Checkout Plugin & API for e-commerces
Providing e-commerce players to accept ONE into their business. Zero-code for Plugin (Woocomerce & Magento), low-code through API for custom made websites.

(Sellers) Include Harmony NFT into our NFT Plugin for e-commerces
Providing e-commerce players to offer a Harmony NFT shopping experience into their business. Zero-code for Plugin (Woocomerce & Magento), low-code through API for custom made websites.

Counting with all sections validated once properly tested and audited.

Milestone 2 | Mainnet

Setting all delivered milestones safely and stably available on Mainnet.


Blockforce is a 19 people team. Cryptum has 12 of them, being 6 developers, 1 Bizdev, 1 PM, 1 PO, 1 Product Designer, 1 QA, 1 DevOps. Principals:

#André Salem – Founder & CEO
Past: Blockchain Business Architect @IBM Research Lab. Blockchain Instructor @Blockchain Academy Brazil. Blockchain Mentor @Startup Weekend Brazil. ETH Rio Speaker. 6+ years of blockchain business & solution architecture.

#Victor Dario – Founding team | Tech Lead
Past: Blockchain Developer @IBM Research Lab. Computer Science @USP. +6 years in smartcontract development, system scalability and security.

Metrics for success

The number of developers, creators, and sellers using Harmony protocol through Cryptum 1) SDK/API, 2) NFT Panel; 3) Plugins, respectively.

External links

Blockforce (product will be launched in
SDK: GitHub - blockforce-official/cryptum-sdk

Our thanks for being able to participate in this partnership through the meeting with Harmony and @gabby.

As discussed with @andre_salem , the following modifications have been made to qualify for a $10K Project Y grant from ETH Rio, as a first step to eventually move to the consideration of a $50K Bounty grant.

Cryptum to deliver the following milestones as Project Y:

1) Milestone 1 in Testnet
(Builders) Integrate Harmony protocol into Cryptum offered protocols.
Provide developers a complete SDK/API tool to easily build and integrate Harmony into their applications. The content will be available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

2) Milestone 1 on Mainnet
(Launch above milestone on Mainnet, fully tested and functional)

3) Awareness Growth + Onboarding
Use current strategic partnerships to spread awareness of the product and start onboarding.
Given Cryptum is a B2B platform, the initial onboarding targets are 30 (conservative) to 70 (ambitious) companies.
Strategic partnerships include:

  • FGV-EAESP, an Economy and Business Management college in Brazil
  • ABStartups (Associação Brasileira de Startups)
  • ABFintech (Associação Brasileira e Fintechs)

4) Create a DAO with a governance token on Harmony
To be achieved once Cryptum v2 launches.

@andre_salem do you agree to these terms?

Yep @gabby, perfect!

Approved as a Project Y grant from ETH Rio. Congratulations @andre_salem !

It was a pleasure meeting you in Rio and working with you. I approve this as a Project Y grant from ETH Rio!

this grant has been funded


As PJ mentioned, the project has been upgraded to a single 10k Grant, given beforehand, considering only the Cryptum for Builders section.

However, although the transfer happened, we were unable to access the funds. When we fill out the form, we enter the address of a custodial wallet (secured by an exchange) referring to Blockforce, which does not have the ability (shard0 disabled) to view and move the funds. Thus, although it was sent, we are without access to the resource for now. This restriction information was not available anywhere, and unfortunately we were not aware at any point of the process.

Considering the partnership with Harmony, and to continue investing and prioritizing it, we would like to propose re-establishing the original Grant format posted here on the forum. That way, although we lost (temporarily, I hope) the initial support, we would work to launch Cryptum integrated with Harmony on all fronts (Creators and Sellers), and that way, we could access funding just when they were then tested and delivered - as previously thought.

Considering Cryptum a bootstrapped project, we are very excited about the partnership with Harmony, and we really want to reverse this accidental situation, increasing and strengthening the potential of the partnership, receiving the resources only when all integrations are full complete by us, being able to launch Cryptum whole Harmony set up, and do a relevant positioning and generation of use cases in LatAm.

Does it make sense to go in that direction? Really would like to know your thought guys.

Seeking to overcome this situation and go beyond. =)

Harmony community, and @gabby @pjconleyy

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Indeed, it was unfortunate that a custodial wallet from a centralized exchange was provided, as transferring funds there from a contract address (multisig), which is where our funding comes from, isn’t supported yet.
The funds are in your centralized exchange’s wallet address-- they just haven’t enabled/supported access for you yet.
By contrast, this wouldn’t happen when choosing to receive funds in a non-custodial wallet.
I hope your centralized exchange enables support to receive these funds soon.

Regarding your new course of action, we’re happy to see your continuing your efforts to have Harmony integrated in Cryptum. We’re looking forward to your updates and seeing Cryptum come to life :blue_heart: