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Proposal overview

Web3dev is the largest and most engaged web3 developers community in LATAM.

We already have a Discord with more than 1800 developers: https://bit.ly/w3b3d3v/ Our community is organized in pods, each pod for a different theme or blockchain. Each pod has a leader, which helps that pod to evolve, promoting growth to the ecosystem and the whole web3dev community.

We successfully launched our first bootcamps, with more than 800 devs subscribed. Our LMS bootcamp platform is 100% open source: GitHub - w3b3d3v/web3-bootcamp-platform

We already have leaders for Ethereum, Cardano, NEAR, Algorand, Solana, Polkadot. We incentivize those pods, creating bounties and paying individual contributors when they create new content (articles and videos) and deliver value.

There are thousands of great developers in Brazil eager to get into Harmony, but English-only content is still a limitation. We are building a developers community for web3 technologies in Latin America. We engage people to translate English content and also produce original content for specific blockchains.

Our objective is to bring thousands of web2 developers to the web3 world. Brazil is the biggest economy in Latin America and has thousands of high talent developers. When more Brazilian developers have the tools to build innovative solutions, Harmony blockchain can be used to solve different problems in Brazil such as agro-business green certification, forest devastation, environmental issues, better wealth distribution and hunger.

We have limited resources to invest on all specific blockchains, so this partnership could accelerate the adoption of Harmony in Brazilian crypto startups.

Our sustainable model

We already have a sustainable and proved business model in web2 space, and we will replicate the same model for web3 projects. Our sustainable flywheel is:

  1. create a solid and engaged community
  2. educate / train the community members on web3 technologies through effective learning experiences like bootcamps, workshops, hackathons
  3. match our community talents with market opportunities, helping them to have real experience with web3 projects. We build teams for web3 projects
  4. manage these teams and make sure the projects are successful and have positive impact
  5. reinvest everything we earn from these projects into the community, advertising to more developers, training more people and giving more opportunities for everyone

About me

I am a technology innovator, currently building web3 projects. Former CTO in Brazilian startups such as Pravaler - a fintech that offers accessible student loans - also founder and CTO at Playax - an audience development platform for music professionals based on BigData - also worked for two years as CTO at Elo7 – the biggest crafts marketplace in Brazil.

Experienced working in different programming languages such as Elixir, Ruby, JavaScript and Java, I helped many startups as venture advisor at Monashees Capital and other accelerator programs in Brazil. I am also PhD in Computer Science at University of São Paulo – IME-USP. My PhD research is about Software Startups Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship.

I mastered in Computer Science in University of São Paulo in 2009, with the Thesis Patterns for Introducing New Ideas in the Software Industry. Daniel is a Cloud Computing GDE (Google Developer Expert). I started developing software in Brazil when he was 10, on his TK-3000 Basic 2MB RAM computer.

Proposal ask

Use of Funds: we will use the funds to create technical video and written content about Harmony in Brazilian Portuguese. We will advertise this content for our more than 1,800 developers

6 months of ongoing content creation

  • 30 videos - 5 per month, 3 months to produce, publish and advertise
  • 30 text articles - 5 per month, 3 months to produce, publish and advertise


  • $9,000 for 30 videos (cost per video: $300)
  • $5,400 for 30 articles (cost per article: $180)
  • $3,500 for editorial and publishing coordination

Total: US$ 17,900

Metrics for success

Our success funnel will be:

  1. Content Delivered (30 videos and 30 articles)
  2. Plays / Pageviews - expectation: 12k
  3. Unique Devs views - expectation: 1200
    4a. Community Devs Working in Harmony Projects
    4b. Community Devs Graduating on ZKU.

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