Datagen - Innovative decentralized cloud computing infrastructure

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Datagen Project.

Application type

Product Launch.

Proposal overview

Our project is about building a decentralized cloud computing infrastructure, called “Datagen”. The project has few peculiarities, compared to other similar projects: the Datagen infrastructure will be developed modularly, initially being focused on providing cloud computing for existing (centralized) privacy-search engines, allowing them to shift from centralized data-centers to a decentralized blockchain (this is quite different from the Brave Browser, that is building his own vertically integrated ecosystem, while we want to offer a decentralization tool to existing ones). The focus on this niche is pretty unique in decentralized cloud computing ecosystems. After this Early Datagen infrastructure is developed we can focus on expanding it to a generalist cloud computing infrastructure (Mature Datagen infrastructure). The approach to decentralized data mining (and mining reward) is also unique: we think is important to find a landing point between centralization and decentralization (mediating between democratization and efficiency of the process) and between PoW and PoS mining. Due to the intrinsic data-mining property of the infrastructure, some PoW is necessary, but the inefficient redundancy generated by decentralized “validation” can be lowered by entrusting “local” nodes to process given computational requests from given locations, while, to lower the related risk of cheating from local nodes, will be asked them (in addition to providing hardware mining) to stake some DataGen tokens (the ecosystem’s native currency) at the same time there will be random double checks, operated by other nodes (which are also staking DataGen tokens). This will allow an increase of (environmental and economic) efficiency, while the infrastructure scales up. The Mature Datagen infrastructure will allow a broad range of independently developed applications to request cloud computing from it and to run on the top of its blockchain. Third companies will also be able to propose edits to the blockchain itself (requiring differentiated degrees of consensus, as explained in the Whitepaper), at the same time being able to update the infrastructure so that can accommodate new types of applications (for the sake of their own business, but also improving it for the general public) and benefitting from a cut of the mining and transaction fees (with a complex system to remunerate those who will improve the Datagen blockchain -and explained in detail in the Whitepaper-).

Our go-to-market strategy is the following: Launch of DataGen (utility) token. Obtaining in parallel funds from the first found of token sale + from equity sales of our company, B-Datagray (in our case equity and crypto sales are not conflicting, since the company will have other revenue streams from just token sales). 3-4 months of intensive marketing campaign (we have already contacts with specialized marketing campaign), to have a successfully IEO+IDO (we already have contacts with exchanges and launchpads for liquidity pools), in which we plan to raise 5-10M USD to pay for research and development. After that we could launch our own exchange as an ancillary product. We have a fully developed business model for this product, but we are doing it only if we are in overfunding, since is not our main focus. (launch and go to market of the exchange will require 9-12 months after the IEO). At the same time, we’ll develop the Early Datagen Infrastructure (in the figure of 26-36 months from the IEO to be fully developed -even if a beta version will be released before-). Finally, the mature Datagen infrastructure, with ≈5 years of development time (even if earlier versions, intermediate between the Early and the Mature infrastructure could be released in the meantime. The total funding (spanning for different years) the project will require is above a 50M figure, to be obtained with different token sales rounds (while DataGen token’s price increases), equity investments, and also using not-token-related (early) revenues.

Actually, we have above 2800 users, in the sense of product-waiting-list subscribers (since the product is not online yet), all real people subscribing with names and surnames (≈10% with a nickname), and emails. Our project is both B2C and B2B (since the infrastructure is meant to be directly used mainly by search engines and other applications), so, while we will certainly have “direct users” like the purchasers and Airdroppers of our DataGen token; the real number of users, directly or indirectly (using applications running with our infrastructure) served by Datagen will be potentially much higher, in a multi-million figure.

At the moment, we have a team of 13 people. Apart from the 2 co-founders (that are working full-time on the project), all the other (11) team members are forced to work part-time, since, being pre-launch and pre-revenue they are all paid in native (yet to be launched) tokens and they need to do also other things to sustain themselves. With some funding all team members could dedicate 100% of their working time to the project, accelerating a lot the fulfillment of the milestones. Also funding to get an external audit of the token (and of the complex set of 9 smart contracts we are creating and testing) would be great.


Apart from the two co-founders, working physically together, the team is totally decentralized as located in 4 different continents. In the following link, you can find team members’ Linkedin profiles (and GitHub when’s relevant).

Proposal ask

64.000.000,00 USD


Allow the team members to work also for USD salary, speeding very much the development of launch phase of the project and its quality. Also, have some funds for an external audit.
In detail:

  • 2.000,00 USD of average salary/month x each of the 13 team member x 2 months (time necessary to launch +duration of the first sale round) = 52.000,00 USD
    -12.000,00 USD to audit the 9 smart contracts the team is doing. Considering the development of the tests is made in-house, so included in the salary cost, while we need only external audit report.

Metrics for success

-first and second funding round closed with ≈10M
-10M+ direct and indirect users of the mature infrastructure

External links

GitHub: Datagen · GitHub
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Whitepaper: Datagen Project Technical Whitepaper by B-Datagray.pdf - Google Drive
Tokenomic: TOKENOMIC.pdf - Google Drive

Business Plan: Business Plan.pdf - Google Drive
Telegram Community: Telegram: Contact @bdatagray