DeFi: The Gods! Grant Proposal

I have been with the project for a little while now and love the focus they have on actually building a game that the community would like to play. This project is bound to do great and establish itself in the GameFi space of Harmony. The team is really hard working and passionate about the project and deserves their proposal to be considered.


Thanks pal!! Means a lot coming from a skilled individual like yourself.


I believe in the goodness of people, and after I met the guys behind this project and heard how passionate they are about it. I am very much on board to help promote, spread the good word, and play the crap out of this game.
I am passionate about the things I am in, and I love passionate people who do the best they can, learn from others, and are always looking to improve.
GO Team DTG.

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the biggest thing that worries me here is the lack of using a SMART framework or a proper set-up on metrics. What makes this project a success? The statistics used are biased, sketched and do not hold up a single metric in regards to DAU/WAU besides the (long shots ~big numbers…):

  1. After 1k daily active users (with video launch and full PR promotion) = 10k
  2. After 10k daily active users (with detailed roadmap and governance process) = 10k

means that you would receive 30K for 0 metrics shown on actual traction.

As much as I would love to see something unique pop-up on h1, im doubting the actual business background/mindset on the project.

Quick questions that pop up to me:

  • plans to mitigate any bear market? How are you planning to pay the team if traction is low and h1 ecosystem performance is sub-expected?
  • What’s your estimated addressable market on h1 in the coming months? (comparing to already existing competitors on this chain)
  • How are you planning to hire unity devs with only 50K grant total? most will ask a looot more to be working for you on a regular basis as far as I know :frowning: Can you imagine the problems that arise when you have your main dev’s leaving (unity) because you cannot pay them anymore? Seems very death-spiral to me.
  • Why is the feedback from the community part only scheduled in Q3? Seems like you guys are still looking for product-market fit and therefore would have to test out a lot more (one of m biggest concerns with any project proposed here is the lack of transparency + creation of feedback channels…)
  • How does a DAO exactly contribute to this game? seems like its more of a buzzword to grab attention here. DAO’s to vote for game growth and team growth could already be done via Snapshot like services.

Yes, I’ve been a member of your discord for a long time and have seen a lot of the progress and communication you guys made. Just looking for more business minded answers/sensible metrics since we have seen so many projects rug lately (mainly due to a lack of proper management from those who grant funds… @frwrdslosh )


I appreciate the in-depth response. The team and myself will create a doc to answer all these questions for you! A lot of these questions have been answered in AMAs we have often, I hope to see you at some upcoming ones :heart:

Thanks a lot! That means a ton to us!

do not agree on this take with AMA’s. This information should be publicly available. What you guys (and a lot of other projects) are actively doing right now is creating information asymmetry by keeping information separated and difficult to find.

Again, I know its easy to shit on projects as an armchair investor, a lot of the responses I’ve read on this forum from the project managers showcase that they have little experience in managing projects and severely lack any busines/startup experience. baffles me that so many other people are just fine with it

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I do it because I care :slight_smile:
And everyone needs to know about you guys!

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As a fellow business owner and person that has experienced the stress and difficulties of starting up companies, I do agree that Harmony has not used typical metrics in evaluating grant applicants. However, Regarding this project specifically, they have not yet been approved for grant, so this discussion can make positive change in their metrics and the grant committee’s decision making.

Also, this project is unique and does aim to bring a new type of blockchain gaming experience to H1. This is a pixelated MMO/ PvP Arena project that focuses on fun before gamefi/ p2e, and they do make that very clear in their WP. The good thing about this is that it is experimental and it compliments the current grant funding method, that being incrementally and over time. If the metrics are solid and the game launch yields positive, impactful results for the project, the community, and H1, I believe that we can afford a launch grant here.


The team appreciates the feedback!! Glad you see the vision too! :heart:

Thank you for the feedback! I’ll be updating whitepaper tomorrow and adding some new docs as well!

Thanks for the question, and sorry for the delayed response we just wanted to get all your questions answered properly.

Assuming that you were referring to our Funding Proposal Milestones where you mention “metrics”, these are the milestones stated by the Harmony team when they grant approvals as seen here and here we decided to add it directly into our proposal for clarity.

Fund management and capital preservation is a key factor in any business, we are not backed by VCs or private funding and so we do not function like a “traditional” start-up which consumes their capital then looks for further funding to drive their valuation. We plan multiple scenarios for preserving funding as well as contingency planning in case of extended bear markets. That said the knowledge and expertise of institutions and individuals will help build a strong backbone so we are looking to build relationships on that front.

Our roadmap outlines the goal of our PvP launch with full P2E capability along with our plans for proposition wagering on PvP matches. These functions will start to capture our primary markets of competitive MMORPG players, which is a niche in itself, and the growing eSports betting scene.

With regards to our hiring and HR efforts, the global reach of a borderless and easily accessible job market makes hiring talented and passionate contributors easier. We are able to support those in rapidly growing countries this way and do not need to rely on human outsourcing methods which are detrimental long term, see the animation industry where large companies (ehem Disney) outsource to developing countries which have highly skilled labor but low wages.

We actively take feedback and act on it although sometimes it takes a while to assess and implement behind the scenes. We do acknowledge that there is no formal process for sending feedback and we are discussing possible systems to handle it. We thank you for pointing it out and if you have any experience with systems please let us know!

DAO certainly has both negative and positive connotations, the DAO hack, but there is a lot of room for development and improvement on this side. In our view DAOs will perform critical roles in the future and especially in our game. Voting on buyback mechanics by the Treasury DAO, funding projects and wars by individual Guild DAOs, dispute resolution in player agreements made by the High Court DAO (Decentralized Justice is super exciting imo), and so many other use cases we have planned.

Sorry for all the text but we actually have internal meetings about a lot of these things regularly and have been building a document that tackles these topics, you could say this is a sneak peak :wink:. Please let us know if you have any further questions or need any clarification.

–Dabster Of DTG


Hey team - I’m at an offsite this week so, wanted to give you a quick update so you know I’m not ghosting you. I’ll be sure to review next week when i’m back.


Appreciate the update friend!!

Nice project and team :muscle:

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The public roadmap requires signing into gitbook - can you share a public one without having to sign in?

Also @Mattyontap will be taking over and will be interfacing with your team and he has questions also.

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Hi! The gitbook should be viewable without signing in. I just confirmed with some of my community members! Please try this link and if more problems persist I will move it somewhere else. It is also available on our Discord! under #faq

Welcome, @DeFi_The_Gods, and thank you for sharing your proposal with us. Can you link me to the mini game so I can poke around?

Also, the milestones listed are not the appropriate fit and should be tailored to your game (we need to update those on our end). Can you come up with more meaningful milestones, focused on mainnet launch, that are ambitious yet achievable? Creating a multisig is important, but not a milestone to attach funding to.



Hey! Our devs are currently working out some UI bugs and getting everything onto mainnet. We should have a link for you this week. Our team is also currently reworking our milestones to fit our project. Thank you for the response and we look forward to everything!


hey @DeFi_The_Gods - Since we last chatted, there have been some updates on our end that I would like to share with you. The text below is a copy/paste, but I am sending it with the same TLC that I would send any personalized message with. I care about your game and simply want to see you succeed.

As you may be aware, all funding for grants and investments are on hold. I would like to invite you to join our discussion here so that you can be fully informed and stay in the loop as things unfold.

That said, I want to encourage you to continue building. Our goal is clear: to make Harmony the leader in gaming and to make it as easy as possible for you to build, launch, and find success with your game. Most importantly, we care about the relationship we can build together. Please reach out to me on Telegram so we can make this happen. As you build, you still have access to our team for technical support. As you launch on mainnet and gain user traction, there are many ways a partnership with Harmony can lead to great things - even without funding.

Today, we released this video to highlight the many features that makes Harmony a great place for web3 gaming:

Thank you for considering Harmony as the home for your game launch. I look forward to cheering you on and am here to assist you in any way I can.


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