Delegation/Undelegation Issues using Chrome Harmony Wallet

I’ve been staking since 2020, as long time holder. Using 3 different validators and now trying to consolidate them into 1. Tried undelegating my ONE and keep getting the same message “Failed. The transaction is still not confirmed after 5 attempts.”

I’ve researched the issue throughout this support page, so I’ve logged out, cleared cache, and so forth with no luck. I cannot change gas fees and have no way to get this moving. I’ve seen others with similar issues that had no resolution either. I’m hoping there’s someone here who had some luck that can chime in or someone that can point me in the right direction. I’ve reached out to the team via telegram, twitter, etc with NO help there either.

I’d appreciate any info, if anyone has any to offer. Thanks in advance.

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Happy to help here.

Firstly the harmony wallet is depreciated due to a security risk. Your next steps should be:

Step 1: Import into frontier mobile wallet to gain control of your coins. Here is my guide. Import using your seed phrase. Guide

Step 2: Unstake and move coins to a NEW wallet/address. This is important as your coins are at risk of the exploit right now.

Step 3: Stake again


Thank you! I created a new wallet, imported using my seed and nothing happened. Those coins are still locked in validators through Harmony. New wallet remained empty. I cannot unstake. I still get the error message Failed

The transaction is still not confirmed after 5 attempts.

Transaction: transaction failed:transaction underpriced

I remain stuck and can’t figure out how to get past the unstaking issue. I’ve read about changing gas but I can’t see any option anywhere to adjust that.

You need to unstske via the frontier wallet. Can you confirm you did that and not the old harmony wallet? Also make sure you have gas. Finally try to stake slightly less than max.

Good morning. Sorry it took a while to respond, as I was traveling for work. I was able to import my keys into the Frontier wallet. Now I’m trying to figure out how to sync it to the Chrome Harmony staking page. The setup on harmony is a bit different than I expected, so I’m hoping to get through this at some point today.

I cannot tell you again how much I appreciate your time and all of your assistance!

No problem. You don’t you can now control it completely within the Frontier wallet, if you carry on with my guide it will show you how. However, I highly recommend instaking and moving to a brand-new fresh wallet with a new address.

Thank you. That’s where I’m hitting my sticking point now. I can’t get the frontier wallet to connect to the validators on the harmony staking site.

Their options to import wallets are limited and can’t figure out that route to connect, so I can undelegate and move my tokens.

I’ve followed your guide but it doesn’t show how I can unstake my tokens from the validators that have been used for years now using the frontier wallet. I still have no access to those locked tokens or at least can’t figure out how to use the frontier wallet to gain control of them TO UNSTAKE.

The new wallet stuff and future staking is easy and done. That’s what your guide was helpful in establishing, but nothing in there to gets me to the final step to get them free from current staking/delegation.

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Hello, my name is Scott and I am having trouble figuring out how to unstake my ONE because it appears the group I was staking it with has been removed or canceled or something. At any rate, I can’t unstake it to restake it again and I am not very savvy with all of this. I saw your communications in several posts trying to help others and you seem very knowledgeable. I am sure you are busy with your own issues but really could use some one-on-one troubleshooting help if you would be willing. Just let me know please. Thanks!

Have you tried unsealing a fraction less than the max ? Do you have gas ?

I have tried but now, for some reason, when I click on next after setting the amount to “undelegate” it only gives me a dropdown with 2 options - 1) Harmony Browser Extension (Deprecated) & 2) Ledger Nano.

No idea how to know if i have gas like you asked either. How would i know that?

REALLY appreciate you helping me.

What wallet are you using ? It’s likely you need to sign out and back in again.

When i sign out and back in with MetaMask wallet, I can no longer see my staked ONE. I only see the small amount of ONE that i purchased yesterday and sent to my MetaMask wallet because i thought that might help me solve my issue with not being able to Unstake. I don’t think i even used a wallet when i originally put my ONE on the site and staked it. I think i sent it directly from the Exchange where i purchased it. Is that possible? Suggestions?

Are you still there? Did you see my last reply?

That’s not possible. You always would have had a wallet. Do you have the seed phrase still?

Sorry they shut down my ability to reply in the other post because there is some sort of limit of reply’s on a new account. Who knows. Anyway, i created another one to get back to you. Is there any other way for us to communicate?
To answer your questions, Yes i have a seed phrase. However, i am pretty sure i sent the tokens straight from Exchange to the site way back. I could be off on that I guess. However, i do have a seed phrase to answer your question.

Download the Frontier mobile app. Import using your seed phrase you had from the original wallet and control your coins and stake from there. Here is the guide:

Thank you for the reply. Will this allow me to unstake from current location and then restake them again with a different validator that is active?

The frontier Waller will allow you full control. So you could do whatever you wish. You’d have to wait the 7 epochs to unstake. At this point, I would transfer to new wallet address for security ( such as one in MetaMask ) and then stake to a validator of your choosing.

OK couple more questions.
How long is 7 epochs? Would have to wait that long from when (what starting point)?
Not following your last point about moving to new wallet (then you suggested MetaMask) - I thought you were suggesting i use Frontier Wallet???

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7 epochs is 5-6 days. When I say a new wallet address I mean a wallet with a NEW seed phrase and thus wallet. The reason I say this is I’m assuming you were using the old harmony extension wallet which has actually been compromised and highly recommend to send to a new wallet. Importing into frontier wallet gives you access to the now turned off extension wallet but it’s orgins are still the same.

So in short. Use frontier to gain control of your original wallet. Unstake and send it to a new MetaMask wallet ( I have a guide also ) then stake again. This is your safest path.

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