Why are my transactions failing?

Every time I try to use the staking dashboard or chrome extension to complete a transaction… either trying to claim my staking rewards or send to an exchange I receive a failed transaction message: [transaction failed:transaction underpriced]

How do I fix this and gain access again to move and claim my ONE?

I am also unable to unstake my ONE… help please?

Did you try to raise the Gwei to 33? Sometimes the trasactions fails due the gas price

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Try fixing Gas Price > 30!

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How do you raise the fee?

I don’t see where you can change the fee amount on the staking dashboard… this is all I see…

Claim Rewards

  • Network Fee0.000749999 ONE
  • Total0.000749999 ONE

Then a sign and confirm button. Where do I change the gas or fee?

Hi Duncan. Are you using the Harmony chrome extension wallet? Try signing out of the staking site, closing the tab, then go to your browser settings to clear your cache and then try again.

If you’re using metamask, go into wallet settings, advanced, then reset account. All it does is clear your transaction history in your wallet. Then try again.

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