Deploy TCG World Metaverse on Harmony

TCG World Metaverse

Proposal overview

TCG World is the largest open world blockchain based game where players can earn TCGCoin 2.0, gather NFT collectibles, own virtual real estate, create, explore the game world, control their own online businesses, or just have fun. TCG World introduces a new approach to NFTs, making it more than just a piece of art - now players can take their NFTs into the virtual game world and play. Everything a player owns in the metaverse is an NFT - real estate, vehicles, pets, trophies, and even player avatars. As part of the entertainment, TCG World will also host live collectible card game tournaments at the TCG World Stadium.

TCGCoin2.0 is currently cross chain compliant and operational on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon and our next milestone is to list on Harmony.

While exploring TCG World, a player will find a lot of different kinds of creatures powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. One of the characteristics of these creatures is called evolution level. Creatures found in the wild as a common rule have the first level. Creatures are tameable and once caught can be relocated to a player’s plot land.

Players will be able to evolve, train and trade creatures. Players will also be able to battle with their creatures against other players in various small arenas spread out across the map, and at the main TCG Arena.

TCG Worlds native currency is TCGCoin 2.0. TCGCoin 2.0 offers cross-chain transfer, which enables users to move the value of tokens between smart contracts on different blockchains, by a simple in-built TCG finance ecosystem cross-chain exchange, through the main wallets of the TCG project on different chains, at a rate of 1 token on one blockchain into 1 token on another blockchain.

TCG World will be a living and breathing virtual world filled with real people and activities bringing the real world and the virtual metaverse world together, using the play-to-earn approach system. TCG World has its own story which will progress as a player spends more time in the game.

TCG World currently has over 6,000 individual landowners, 14,000 coin holders and 25,000 registered users for TCG World Metaverse. Our Social Media has combined more than 70,000 users

Proposal ask

$50,000.00 Land Investment for a commercial HQ for Harmony to be built in TCG World to incorporate ZKU Harmony Campus

Metrics for success

The Harmony HQ will be designed and built by the TCG World Development team over an 8-12 week timeframe and will have exclusive areas for the Harmony Community to host events, concerts, training and education

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I really like this metaverse, it’s the best one imo. The alpha coming this month so exciting, the land is giant, many structures and partners on it, strong community and great team. Love that ! Harmony + Tcg world is a great partnership i think :slight_smile:


I have been following his project for about 8 months. When it comes to teams that deliver what they promise nothing comes close to matching TCG. The team is very professional and is building something truly amazing and I am excited to dive into the Alpha at the end of this month.


I am all in on TCG World, a place for trading ideas, social clubs, a community for all ages, education. The only limit is your imagination in to what TCG World can and will be. Many partners, Celebs coming to TCG. A Company that takes care of those who support them always. The place you want to be. Harmony would fit right in, and having TCG design your headquarters will blow your socks off!!! Come join us Harmony, Get in, Get on, Get Together!!! you won’t regret it. Alpha release coming soon!!!


My favorite metaverse out there and the team is just amazing. Looking forward to a tcg world and harmony partnership.


I stumbled across TCG World at the beginning of December via a friends post online. I joined one of their many social platforms and asked a few question and instantly I was hooked. Never have I been more welcomed and all questions no matter how silly they seemed were met with professional and helpful answers.

Now 4 months down the line, they have their alpha testing of TCG World just about to start. Some seriously cool in game activities which we can interact with, HUGE business opportunities and great places to socialise and enjoy.

The CEO, David Evans and his team are always available and engaging with the community, always sharing ideas and taking comments onboard to implement them within TCG World. They really have us, the community, interests at heart.


Been in since day 1, the project has evolved a lot since the early days, the team are super transparent on the progress or anything really,
Tcg tick all the right boxes for me and soon will be ready to roll out the red carpet to welcome everyone into the tcg world


This is a solid project with one of the most transparent teams in the Crypto space, they’re always open for discussion when it comes to improving their product and the results are overwhelmingly positive! Having the “Create an innovative and well working product, then people will come” mindset, they never stop exceeding our expectations! Every HQ reveal’s looking better than the last one which makes me think that there are no limits on what they’re building. Metaverse is certainly the future and in my eyes, TCG World is already a couple of years ahead of the competition!


If you really see how this project evolved you’ll be amazed and day by day I’m still thinking how lucky I am that I found this project very early. Hoping for the best for this project! The largest and best (in terms of graphics and gameplay) metaverse is coming soon! This project will revolutionize crypto mark my words.


TCG2.0 it isn’t just another community in the metaverse. It’s a lot more than that. TCG2.0 is a solid project making a great path in the metaverse and involving every single person that enters. It’s a metaverse with awesome ideas, fantastic organization and great administrators. Everything that TCG2.0 design have It’s own purpose in the metaverse. Awesome graphics, and great NFTs with nice utilities. Looking foward to this amazing project, TCG2.0!


In My opinion its important to creating world not only about virtual world but also growing community similar with governance on real world to make a good neighborhood as virtual. Its different but the goals is same. Then all the virtual activity work seamless here. That can make the neighborhood “Life” then the economics growth
Why TCG can growing Metaverse neighborhood? Its develop together between “real estate like” developing with “all in one games” world that together. Who wants life in metaverse with all enjoyable things like amusement park, marina beach or night life, or people who wants to be a metaverse farmer. Not only that, we can do treasure hunt for a creatures here. Then trade it! Make an economics model growth naturaly


I love the way players can easily build in this Metaverse. Also the size of it is insane, I see a lot of future potential from this. Can’t wait to go fishing in the metaverse! :smile:


Amazing future here, the product and team are fantastic. I’m in on all parts from coins to NFT’s to plots and continuing to stack

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I would love to see Harmony in TCG World : ) Every week I’m very impressed with the project progression and the updates shown on the weekly AMA done on Facebook. TCG World is very open with the community, and there’s always a mod/admin to talk to direct on Telegram. The game’s Alpha is coming up soon, it’s going to be fun walking around the actual world. And from the videos we’ve seen posted on Youtube of the world, and especially the building aspect, it’s going to be awesome!
One of the biggest things that impresses me though, are the plans for the university and educational aspects within the game. They’ve partnered with multiple projects, including SydTek DAO and Women in Cryptocurrency, to provide educational programs and classes within the metaverse. Learn to Earn in a Free to Play environment.


TCG World is building the most authentic Metaverse out there. I’ve seen many metaverse projects but none of them is building so attractive and community oriented World. TCG will house not only gamers but every possible community that wants to be a part of it, musicians, traders, artists of all kinds, athletes, philanthropists. Team building TCG has the best design I’ve seen so far for a Metaverse. I highly recommend this project and can’t wait for the full game to be realeased :heart:


This is Huge world to explore and many more will come in development, very excited with the progress and this team is very good in community and have great attitude… and in the end of march the alpha will release, cant wait to join and test the TCGWorld.


I would love to see a TCG/Harmony partnership. It will surely benefit both parties. TCG World is going to be the best Metaverse out there without a doubt as no other compares to it in terms of utility, size, graphics, community and really every aspect. Hope to see a Harmony HQ in one of our 4 regions soon. Let’s make it happen!


That realy good project… i have never seen such a nice community… its a still atrective being early adopter… get in… get on… :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Oh this is just great, I’m a big supporter of Harmony for a long time, and few months ago heard about TCG world.

TCG world is probably the best metaverse and unlike others it supports a live economy inside the game, so people can work, own a business and play interesting games there. I feel the company is doing its best to help everyone that want to know and they give a lot of updated of their progress so people will know how it is.
I would be happy if it will be on Harmony because Harmony has a very good community and and low fees which are good for any game or metaverse.

Please check out TCG, I think they can help Harmony a LOT to get awareness, it should be really cool if those 2 projects will help each other!

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Thanks TCG team for the proposal. It’s a great metaverse product. I’d have another meeting with the team to clarify and discuss on the deliverables.